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Who Is Going To Light Your Fuse?

lights-your-fuseIn the United States the Big Bang Holiday is Independence Day each year – July 4th. It is a National Holiday where communities get together, families get together and there are Bar-B-Que Grills fired up everywhere. The colors to wear are definitely Red, White and Blue and the Flag is waving all over the place.

Growing up in the New York City area you had to make your way over to watch the Macy’s Fireworks show live at least a handful of times in your lifetime. Of course as a parent, who grew up in NYC, with kids who grew up in Connecticut, it was something they had to experience live as well! So we all did together! Similar to experiencing and eating real pizza – that is a story for another day!

In terms of Fireworks these are displayed both professionally and by your average citizen. Please do not light or set off Fireworks and keep your kids informed about the very real dangers of Fireworks. What sets off the firecracker? A regular citizen lights a match and puts the flame to the fuse which then ignites and ultimately sets off the explosion. The professional show is now a digitally controlled display choreographed to music where the explosives are set off through a variety of ignition techniques. Here is the point – the explosions – the displays of color and sound – are all set off by the lighting of a fuse or the ignition of an explosion.

Now that half of the year is completed are you where you want to be?

  • Personally
  • Developmentally
  • Business – wise
  • Career – wise

If you have your goals you had set for this coming year back in December or January pull those out and let’s have a look. Make adjustments or changes for real reasons if you must.

Please don’t start making excuses!

If you are not where you want to be then – who is going to light your fuse? 

How about adding a bit of fireworks into your schedule? Are you working on the things that really matter to make the items on your original-start-the-year-out-list happen?

If you are not maybe it is time for you to start working with a Business Consultant – Coach like Mitch Tublin – Click Here.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified Executive and Personal Coach, Business Consultant and Professional Speaker based in Stamford, CT.

Make Certain You Eat Your Fruit Everyday!

Fruity Pebbles - Eating Fruit?A person who is a casual acquaintance, named Roger, attended a unique networking event hosted by me in New York City. He was my guest along with three other people. During the closing fifteen minutes we break away from the conference table and mingle with each other in true networking style.

Roger came up to me to thank me for the invitation and to say what an excellent group of people to meet. Unfortunately, he said, I am already committed to a networking group for this year. My questions were then about this other networking group. He said, well actually, I have been a member of it for over ten years and it does nothing for me. In fact, I stopped giving referrals to anyone three or four years ago because no one ever gives me any, that work out, you know, turn into business.

I asked him “Why do you continue to go and continue to be a member of this group?” Well, Roger stated, as if the answer was so obvious why would anyone ask? “Some of the people are now my friends, the day and time work and fit into my schedule so why not? After all, everyone knows me now? The fee is only a few hundred bucks a year.”

Let me stop this story for a moment to be picked up again soon.

A few days ago in reference to something completely different, my wife, Dr. Patty Ann, made this statement – “Why it is just like someone eating Fruity Pebbles Cereal in the morning and saying – well of course – I had my fruit today!” Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

Now this was an amazing statement for what we were discussing. Even better was that this quote was going to be utilized in an article written by me somewhere really soon.

Who knew it would happen this quickly! Thanks DPA!

Back to Roger and his networking group. I said “Roger, look it is great you have attended our meeting today. Thank you for coming here. If you would like to speak with me for an introductory, no cost, call for twenty minutes, we can continue this conversation. Right now there are other guests who must be greeted by me. One quick question though, is anyone in your current networking group someone you conduct any business with or in fact have you ever conducted business with anyone from your group?” Well, Roger said, “that is a long story, may I have another one of your business cards?”

The short answer is no – no one – ever.

Now Roger is on my calendar for his introductory, no cost, call for twenty minutes. Do you see how he thinks he is networking – yet – he is not networking at all!

Kind of like eating fruity pebbles for breakfast and thinking you had all of your fruit for the day!

Are you networking or is your networking not working? Contact Mitch here for your Introductory, no cost, call for twenty minutes today.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified executive coach, business consultant and professional speaker based in Stamford, CT.

How Do You Know How You are Doing?


My good friend, Paul Martinelli, The President of The John Maxwell Team – the fastest growing certification program for Coaches, Trainers and Speakers with over 11,000 members in countries all over the world – says; “show me two things and I will tell you how your business is doing! Show me your datebook/calendar and your checkbook, that’s all I need, no […]

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Do You Quiet The Noise?


There are distractions galore today and much more than before! Do you quiet the noise? Here is the reason for this question… when you are working do you silence your cell phone, sign off of all social media, sign out from any email accounts, turn off the TV and in essence create a bubble of silence around you for […]

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Do You Create Momentum in Your Business?


Have you ever heard – “Good things come to those who wait!” More importantly – Do you actually believe – “Good things come to those who wait!”? Sad to see you miss this week’s article if you do stop reading now and go wait somewhere for good things to come. Who decided it was a great idea to recite […]

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The Secret to Success Is…

The Secret to Success Is...

The Five Secrets to Your Success in Business! The Three Secrets to Your Success in Life! The Magical Secrets to Great Relationships! Why are we all so caught up and inspired to find out the mysterious secrets to something? After all we know there must be a secret right? Richard Branson was quoted in Entrepreneur […]

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