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What is The First Action For a New Business Owner?

first action What is The First Action For a New Business Owner?The first action a new business owner takes might be the single most important decision they make toward their business success. In fact, when reformulating or re-branding their business, the first action may be very similar to the first action they took when first starting out.

It is assumed you know what your product or your service either is actually or conceptually and now we are discussing your first action step. What will this first action be?

Here is a list of some of the actions people answered when asked the question: What is the first action for a new business owner?

  • obtain a loan
  • lease space
  • design a website
  • print up business cards
  • create a logo
  • write a book
  • buy advertising
  • hire employees
  • draft up a marketing plan
  • form your corporation
  • buy a new wardrobe
  • join a mastermind group
  • arrange for daycare

There are many more actions people listed as the first action for a new business owner to take. Many of these items are critical and important in their own right. Are any of these the first action for a new business owner to take?

No. It is time to reveal the absolutely number one first action for a new business owner to take – test.

Test your premise. Test your product. Test your service. Test. ABT. Always Be Testing.

This is especially the case in the beginning before one single minute or dollar is spent on anything else. As essential when reformulating, revising, re-branding or re-anything of a business.

The stare given to me upon making this statement is the stare of a deer in the headlights.


A frozen look of the eyes and face which rapidly contorts into a – WHAAAAAT!

The importance of conducting the test is multifaceted. The most obvious is would someone pay for your product or service? Clearly the product must speak for  itself.

Either as a food item or helpful item or toy of some type, you need to know if a consumer will pay for it and more importantly would they pay you for it? The service you are offering, will a client or customer obtain the value from your service where it is obvious they will pay you for this service? This is the purpose of the test which is obvious.

The other point of the test is to determine in the real world, not in your garage, do you love it? Do you really, really love creating and selling this product or service? This is the start, the very, very beginning. The answer better be a resounding and absolutely YES! being screamed to the heavens above!

If not, well that is why you ran the test.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


I Am So Busy! How About You?

so busy I Am So Busy! How About You?A person we know makes eye contact with us as we are passing each other walking in the street to an appointment.

“Hey, how are you?“
“Great! Really busy! You?”
“Yeah, me too! Busy, busy.”
“Nice to see you.”
“Yes, same. We should plan to get together – two couples – one day soon.”
“Yeah, let’s do that! Gotta, go!”
“Say hello at home.”
“Will do.”

Aren’t we all so – - – BUSY!

Seriously, what is the deal? Why do we all find that being busy is important and that being busy equates to actually executing and getting important and critical things accomplished?

My proposal to you is to get unplugged everyday as soon as possible. Plan out what you must get accomplished each day and then figure out the priorities and begin to execute the plan for the day. Better yet – plan out the day before you plug in at all!

Right away things that people will bring up and ask about are:

  • checking email
  • checking voicemail
  • reading and responding to text messages 

Rather than suggest a full ‘cold turkey’ approach, my suggestion is to set a time and then a time limit each day for these activities.

For Example: Schedule three or four specific times each day for fifteen minutes each in total. During this time check email, texts and voicemail. These times might be at approximately 10 AM – 1 PM – 3 PM – 5:30 PM.

The times – how many there are (two or three or four) – how long exactly is the time period (15, 10, 20 minutes) – is a personal preference.

The point is to set up a schedule with the parameters and then follow it! Adhere to the new schedule. If the 5:30 PM time slot bothers you consider why it bothers you? Are you feeling as if it is too early as you will be working and reading and responding to email all night long at least up until 11 PM? Or is the 5:30 PM time after 5 PM and you only have access to email in your office and you leave every single day at 4:55 PM?

It is not for me to judge how anyone conducts their work. This is about being more efficient, effective and productive in the work we all are doing. The busy work which may creep into anyone’s work habits must be erased. Analyze what really needs to have your focus and time devoted to and spend your time and effort on that and much less time checking your email.

Use the comments area to let me know where you find yourself keeping busy instead of being productive

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


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