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A First and Lasting Impression

lasting impression A First and Lasting ImpressionEveryone creates a first impression. You meet someone new to you and in 20 seconds or less a first impression is made. Someone goes to your website and in 7 seconds OR less they have made an impression and a judgment about you. A thirty second commercial spot during the Super Bowl costs a few million dollars. First impressions are important!

Now build on top of that and keep in mind that everyone has been raised to have certain beliefs and habits – based on how they are raised, their culture, religion, values etc. You need to have an awareness of these factors in how you present yourself and your business.

I’m sure you have heard this before: “All things being equal, people will conduct business with the people they know, like and trust.”  K – L – T

The first impression you make will either support this statement or pull out the rug from underneath you immediately.

How do you make a positive first and lasting impression? Here are some tips to help you get started: 

  • Grooming and clothing: You might not need the brand name clothing  but you do need to be clean and sharp looking. The way you look and how you groom is the first thing others will notice. Colors do need to match.
  • Remember your smile: You have the ability to smile. Remember to share it with the world.
  • Mind your manners: When you are speaking do not chew with your mouth open. Leave the gum for later. Nothing will turn someone off more than a mouth full of food, gum, or anything else while you are attempting to speak with them.
  • Know your story: Create and practice your lines that you must have right at your fingerprints. Your twenty second, one minute, two minute and five minute blurbs about you and what you do.
  • Thank you cards: This one is the clincher that most people forget about – if you want to be the one who is remembered and keeping your first impression alive, be sure to send a thank you card or a ‘great to meet you’ card right after the event. End it with a nice closing such as ‘looking forward to seeing you again’. If you know they will be at a specific event mention that or include one small line that relates to something you discussed (this way they know you were paying attention).

First impressions matter! Keep these in mind and practice your lines. Everyone could benefit from working on their first impressions.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

What is Your Networking Strategy?

networking strategy What is Your Networking Strategy?I often hear people say “I am just not good at networking” or “I really do not know how to network”. The problem is that the ability to network in person or online requires a strategy. If you are not good at networking, that means you have not yet created a strategy.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners we do not have the luxury of attending every single networking event available. In order to create your strategy you first must be very clear on who your ideal client is.

Once you are clear on your ideal client you will be able to select where to network and how to approach the event. For example, if you were seeking to date a specific person or type of person you would want to go where they hang out. Socialize where they socialize and go relax where they go to relax. The activity of networking can be thought of in a similar way.

If it feels weird to think about your networking activity in this manner, think of networking as building up your Social Capital. It is the relationships that you build through networking that become your building blocks for your business growth and ultimate success.

Ask yourself these questions to get moving right now to help you begin to create your networking strategy:

  1. Who are the people you wish to work with? Everyone is the wrong answer.
    Be very specific in identifying your ideal client group or niche.
  2. Where do these ideal clients spend their time both online and in person?
  3. Name five specific people who fit the first question and then apply it to the second question. How will you meet them? Where will you meet them? What are they interested in?

A strategy I teach my corporate clients is to map out through the course of the year specific functions, events, dinners, luncheons, etc. where their ideal clients are gathered, and make room in your schedule for these functions.

The goal is to connect and establish a relationship. It is not to sell to anyone anything.

Over time and by being present and establishing a relationship you are developing a trusting relationship. Then you will become a trusted resource for referrals. A referral still remains the single best way to get new clients.

These methods are successful in both online and in person networking. It is essential to be present in both worlds. Do not lose yourself into thinking everything is online now. Nothing replaces the face-to-face networking and warm referral methods derived from this process.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

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