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Let The Celebration Begin!

party-balloonsDo we all celebrate often enough?

There are family milestones, birthdays, graduations, and more. There are friends who are visiting from out of town. There are events which take place at work. Do we take the time and effort to celebrate each of these or not?

It my purpose in discussing this topic to say celebrating goes a long way to make everyone involved feel better about life, to enjoy the moment. The participation in a celebration brings family members closer together, creates bonds for greater team building at work, binds friends through a tighter relationship. There should be not one single thread of guilt around celebrating!

One has to almost live in a cave not to be impacted in one form or another multiple times a day with negative news. News feeds come across your handheld device, when traveling it is right there on the TV monitor at the restaurant or on the airline seat in front of you on the nine inch monitor. The exposure to a constant negative news story becomes an addiction. Once we hear the initial headline we then must hear more. We want to hear – “The Rest of The Story”!

There are numerous people who are close to me – they have declared themselves free of the news media and news in general. They often ask me, “why don’t you do the same, cut the cord! Who needs that crap?”

My response is always the same, “For the work that I do, I must, as in, I must remain aware of what is going on in the business world, the local community, nationally and internationally. It is not even a thought for me to consider not having an awareness of what is going on.”

Their next response always floors me, “It will only drag you down, you don’t need to know all of this stuff as you think you do!”

The point here is not to go find a cave to live in! Instead choose to counteract the negative news by creating celebrations around the positive things which are taking place all around us each and everyday. Intentionally seek out reasons to create celebrations.

It is not about spending a huge amount of money. For example – certain companies are well known for having a huge event which costs a good amount of money. In the NY Metro Area one of these companies is Bloomberg. They have an end of summer extravaganza which is amazing! Everyone is not able to celebrate like they do at Bloomberg (the annual budget for this event would be a nice win on a lottery ticket).

A celebration can be a group singing around a campfire one evening. Consider the event and the people who will be involved and make it more about them than about the amount of money to spend. It is time for me to ask you – what type of celebrations will you consider adding to your list of celebrations to be held this year?

Mitch Tublin is a business consultant, an advanced and certified executive and personal coach and a leadership development expert who resides in Stamford, CT.

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Have You Ever Considered An Advisory Board For Your Business?

advisory-boardDo you have an advisory board for your business? An entrepreneur or a small business owner should definitely have an advisory board. Let’s review a few reasons why it is so critical to set up and regularly meet with an advisory board.

To begin – “It is lonely at the top.”

The assumption and often the reality is the buck stops here, at the top, or if you are alone in your business. As the CEO or lone business owner you must undertake numerous activities which you may have absolutely zero experience or expertise in.

An advisory board might be made up of people who have many of the skill sets the lead entrepreneur or small business owner may not possess. Their advice and potentially their actual assistance diving in would be an amazing asset to have at your finger tips.

You might hang a mirror in your office and discuss everything with yourself. Alternatively with an advisory board there is a sounding board to engage with and discuss ideas, concepts and issues. Depending upon the level of expertise in the members of your advisory board you will be able to have discussions with them about business opportunities, challenges inside the business and with the competition, decisions of paths to take and company growing pains.

This might be the first step for you – assess where you have knowledge and experience gaps and recruit people who have this knowledge and experience to be on your advisory board.

One of the great fears entrepreneurs and small business owners have about creating an advisory board is their need to now share all of their business information with other people who are in many cases, initially at least, complete strangers. A way to keep everyone above board is to create and execute for each individual a non-disclosure agreement and some type of non-compete agreement.

This might sound a bit too formal for some people who want to keep everything casual. Do not fall into this trap with anything to do with your business. It is a business, not a hobby – correct? Act and behave in this manner – like a person who runs a business! 

There is great power in leverage. An advisory board provides one area of leverage.  More than one great mind trying to call every shot and meet and every deadline.

Another advantage of your own advisory board is the network of the members. This becomes another group of people who will become familiar with you and your business.

One of the best early decisions in setting up a new business, breathing life into an old business or operating more effectively in your business is to set up an advisory board that meets at least one time every three months or so. Reach out and begin now if you do not have one.

Mitch Tublin is a business consultant, certified coach and professional speaker based in Stamford, CT.

If you are ready to set up your advisory board and want Mitch to work with you on the process contact Mitch here.

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