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What Fires You Up?

What fires you up?If you are living and breathing and not flat lining – What Fires You Up?

Seriously, take a moment and note in the comments section for this article. What fires you up?

Here is the thing – and be really thankful for this – we are not all the same!

We are all different!

We all have different interests – different tastes for food, music, art, books and what we care about more than something else. Each of us would prepare a different list of our top twenty things we care most about. Sure potentially the top three or top five on the list might be the same. After that the list is going to be way different and the order of importance of each of our items will certainly be different from the list we each prepare.

We are each attracted to a different type of partner. We want a caregiver. OR – We want someone who will challenge us. Maybe we want to be with someone who is a raving beauty! Ever hear the words ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’? We all view beauty in our own way!

What fires you up?

What is it that gets your juices flowing and you want to dive in and do something either to make it better, join the cause, invent a new way, get involved or just get really pissed off? Oh and by the way if it is the last one – get really pissed off – how about selecting from one of the other options and do something constructive instead of stroking out on us?

What fires you up?

Now allow me to set the table here – if you are running a business – serving your clients and customers and potentially you have employees – there is no wiggle room for this – you must, you absolutely must recognize that everyone is different!

It is my way or the highway may work in the military, however, it is not going to cut it if you are going build a loyal following and a repeat customer base for your business.

Plus if you want to create a great culture in your business with dedicated employees, where people are going to be interested in working with you and for you the it is my way or the highway routine is older than old school thinking and behavior.

Are you interested in creating this type of culture in your business?

Are you ready to treat your people, all people with the understanding they are all different?

Are you ready to take the leap and understand this all starts with you?

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive coach, trainer and speaker based in Stamford, CT.

When Do You Do Your Best Thinking? come up with a thought to solve something or invent something and it was so amazing you could not wait to write it down or type it up and when you were ready to write it down or type it up you were not able to recall the details at all? You’re not alone!

Taking a quick survey of some people asking the question – When do you do your best thinking? Here are some of the responses –

“In the morning when I am not rushing to get into anything work related and have no other immediate obligations. In others words – hardly EVER!”

“Definitely when I am in the shower. It is the only time I am alone with nothing else going on and no one looking for me to respond to something or do something for them.”

“In your Mastermind Groups so many discussions take place with you and among the participants. Afterwards I have so many thoughts and ideas that bubble up. I thought it was only me. Then I asked a few of the other participants and they find the same thing happens to them!”

“Without a doubt when I am at the beach by the ocean relaxing. I zone out. This is my best thinking time and place.”

“When I go rock climbing. I have to focus on the climb and nothing else. Eventually this becomes part of the activity of climbing. Then my mind moves into thinking mode. It kind of just happens. I can’t control it other than to say when I am rock climbing it will happen!”

Before the article continues on – take a moment and note in the comments section – when do you do your best thinking? Type in your experience for you. Thanks!

In actual fact there is not a wealth of information available on why our best thinking happens when it does. For one thing how do you sit someone down and monitor them to determine when they are going to have a random thought or idea!

In addition to the comments listed already some people said –

“When I listen to music I do my best thinking.”

“When I am surrounded by other people is when I conduct my best thinking.”

“When I am at a concert in the crowd random thoughts keep coming to me.”

If you are able to identify and harness when you do your best thinking wouldn’t this be helpful to you?

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified Executive Coach, Trainer and Speaker based in Stamford, CT.

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