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How to Get Into The Spirit of the Season

How might you get into the spirit of the season, make others feel good and feel good about yourself too?

Check out a few items on this list to get the ball rolling, and feel free to add your own items below in the comments section.

1. Greet people with your wonderful blessing – your smile - look people in the eye and greet them. “Good Morning” or “Good Day”…
2. When driving, actually STOP at the STOP sign, STOP at the Right On Red Corner and STOP for those in crosswalks. Who knows maybe others will catch on too!
3. Tell someone you know how great they look! Tell someone you know how much they mean to you and how great it is to have them in your life.
4. Call a client or a customer to simply ask them how they are planning to spend their holiday. Thank them for your relationship and their doing business with you.
5. Volunteer in some way in your community to help others. Possibly it is a toy drive or working in a soup kitchen or collecting goods, clothes or toys for those in need.
6. Slow Down. Stop Rushing. Take a Moment and Breath. It is okay, turn off your electronic devices. Nothing will happen for these few moments.
7. Pray. In the way that works best for you – either with your group in an organized manner or by yourself. Peace on earth. Good will toward others. Since we are not in the U.S. Senate or Congress can’t the rest of us just get along?

Would you like to add a few items to this list? Comment below and add your items.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

The One Secret To Success You Must Know About

secret to success The One Secret To Success You Must Know AboutThe Five Secrets to Your Success in Business!

The Three Secrets to Your Success in Life!

The Magical Secrets to Great Relationships!

Why are we all so caught up and inspired to find out the mysterious secrets to something? After all we know there must be a secret right?

Richard Branson was quoted in Entrepreneur Magazine in an article where he discussed the Five Secrets to Business Success. His five secrets as quoted in Entrepreneur were: “Enjoy What You Are Doing, Create Something That Stands Out, Create Something That Everyone Who Works For You Is Really Proud Of, Be A Good Leader, and Be Visible.” When you read through Branson’s descriptions in each area do you feel as if you are reading about a secret or are you saying to yourself, “Yes, right, this is common sense though?” Head scratch?

Don’t get me wrong. Richard Branson is like the King. The Man. A Dude! Each of his points and the descriptions are right on target. Secrets though? Not so much.

From various sources here are the Three Secrets to Your Success in Life! Focus every bit of your energy into your passion, devote yourself to always embrace learning and growing and believe it is possible for you to achieve your big dreams. Again you are being asked the question, these are great tips and advice, but are they really secrets? More like common sense if you ask me!

What are the Magical Secrets to Great Relationships? Typically you would expect to see open communication, sacrifice, passionate, be a listener, show affection and others in this list. One key item, the secret is to live your life! Have great self-esteem and confidence in who you are and this will help you toward a great relationship. Take this entire paragraph in. Are these secrets or common sense?

Okay Mitch people are getting restless isn’t it time to get to the point!

Question: If you opened up a box and inside was Aladdin’s Lamp. You rub the lamp and KaBOOM! The big genie pops out and asks you: “what do you want as you are granted three wishes?” My question for you is what are your three wishes? Use the comments area for this article and let me know.

Here is the next question: as you review your answer to what are your three wishes? Which of these three are you ready right now to take action toward reaching and achieving since neither of us has Aladdin’s Lamp do we?

Here is the real secret, the one secret to success:

Have a goal. Write it down. Tell others about your goal. Develop your plan of how you will achieve your goal. Be determined to follow your plan as you will have to
overcome obstacles, naysayers, dead ends, failures and more and you will  need to overcome each and everyone one of these. This is the real secret, the one secret to success.

Question: is this a secret or common sense? The secret is: who cares! If you follow through and take action this is what brings success. This is why there are fewer really successful people. The ones who take action are the ones who become successful. The real secret.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Three Ways To Connect With Your Buying Audience


In the previous article, “What is Unique About Your Product or Service Based Business?”, the discussion was about – Why do you market, advertise, write copy, conduct your social media – like everyone else does? The promise was made to offer more specific tips than the single one given in the article – “Here is […]

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What is Unique About Your Product or Service Based Business?


Are you another – INSERT YOUR BUSINESS TYPE HERE – like all of the others who are in – INSERT YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE HERE? No? Of course not! Your product is special because of the reasons you know, the originality and unique aspects of it. Or it is an organic item from specially grown – whatever […]

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How Do You Feel About Thanksgiving?


This year we will have a few guests for Thanksgiving who are exchange students. They live in Copenhagen or nearby to there. For the Fall Semester they are attending the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Since we live within a relatively short train ride to New York City the added attraction for them visiting us during Thanksgiving is […]

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Your Time Spent Networking Is Valuable


Time is one of our most valuable and not replaceable aspects of our lives. You either utilize your time constructively and with purpose or you do not. In either case once the time is passed it is gone. When you attend a networking event how do you judge if your time spent attending the networking […]

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