Are You Texting While Driving?

texting-while-drivingAre you texting while driving? Seriously let me know in the comments area. This is one of the most current behaviors in distracted driving which is the cause of numerous accidents and in some cases death from accidents with cars, trucks, bicycles, taxis, buses and pedestrians.

It seems as if everyone feels they must see the messages on their cell phones as soon as these messages are posted. Then to make matters worse they are responding to the messages while driving!

No one questions the fact that this behavior is a distraction, however, the behavior still persists.

If we may all agree that the behavior of texting while conducting another activity is in fact a distraction – how about in your relationship and at work – would texting while involved in a conversation at home or texting while at work be considered a distraction?

You must have seen a couple out for an evening together sitting across from each other at the table.  Instead of looking into each others eyes and having a conversation they are sitting across from each other and looking at their cell phones! For the entire meal from the initial ordering process all the way through their dessert the blue light from their cell phones was reflected off of their faces.

Have you attended a meeting where a person or two or more were looking under the edge of the table and looking at their cell phones and texting during the meeting? Why were they even attending this meeting if the texting was more important to them than the topic being discussed at the meeting?

Do you have the feeling when on the phone with someone discussing business that the person on the other end of the conversation is either on social media, reading or writing email or texting? They keep asking you to repeat what you had said or asked them.

You ask a question and then wait and there is nothing for a full minute. Then the question comes, “Were you saying something? I thought we were disconnected?”

Where do you fall on this topic? Is it more important to be engaged with the people you are physically present with and have a conversation?

When you attend a meeting in person with people who are present and in person should anyone be in the meeting and texting? Take a moment and select one or more of these questions and respond in the comments area with your own thoughts or experiences on this topic. Depending upon your answers maybe the next article should be texted to your cell phone.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Do You Walk The Tight Rope Every Single Day?

tight-ropeAre you performing a high wire act each and every day?

Have you been to the circus before and watched the amazing people walk the tight rope or high wire way up in the air? How amazing are they to watch? One small lapse in concentration or one small step in the wrong direction and it is a long way down.

Are you walking the tight rope every single day?

How about you in your daily activities in your business, your family life, your community, your social life, your health and more. Do you comfortably move from one minute to the next knowing exactly what needs to be done and by when and have full confidence everything will be completed. Or are you walking that tight rope every single day trying to fit everything into a packed schedule and not really thinking you will get through everything, in fact, you are convinced you won’t.

Many of us think when people use the term work life balance that the statement means we all should strive to have an even balanced life. It does not mean that at all.  What it really means is we all have a balancing act to try to live in a world where we work, have a family, have a social life, volunteer and work in the community and more. We try to balance our lives so we do not fall off the tight rope we walk on each day!

“Breathe, breathe, clear your mind, breathe, breathe.”

That is what my yoga instructor and friend says each time we practice yoga in her class.

Sure we do our best to clear our minds. Seriously though there is so much to do. How is it humanly possible to shut down and not think about all of the things that we have to get done? “Just breathe, just breathe, close your eyes if you want, clear your mind. For this one hour concentrate on your breathing, just breathe.”

Imagine a room filled with mostly type A people hearing this in the morning when there is a smart phone (who ever named the dumb phone a smart anyway) waiting to steal more of our time away from us.

Truth be told, yoga has made all the difference to me. The ability to attend my yoga practice with my friend who is the instructor has given me the gift to find balance. The gift to breathe and breathe. The gift to completely shut down for one single hour.

Why do any of us feel we must walk a tight rope every single minute of every single day?  Why do we create this type of a situation for our selves? Tell me in the comments section.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


How Do You Spend Your Time?

spend-timeThere are so many articles, books, and top ten tips lists on the topic of time management. Everyone has an opinion. A unique spin on how to save a few minutes here or a few minutes there and you know these all add up at the end of the year. In fact here is what one of these might look like:


  1. Do not check your email, Facebook, Twitter or anything online first thing in the morning.  Instead make a list of the three most important, must get done items today and then bullet point what you must do to get these done today.  The electronic stuff waits until later.
  2. Utilize an assistant or voicemail to their best capacity. Empower your assistant with scripts or the ability to solve certain situations by themselves.
  3. Do not attend meetings unless you know exactly why they are necessary, who is the person in charge of the meeting, and what is the exact objective of the meeting.
  4. If you go to a meeting there must be action item(s) assigned at the end of the meeting with names and timelines.
  5.  Utilize a planner either written or device where your time is scheduled in fifteen or thirty minute increments seven days a week.  Yes you may write relax across eights hours on a Saturday if you choose.  My preference would be to write in exactly what relaxing means to you during that time period.
  6. Make time to read, exercise and eat. By making the time to conduct these important healthy activities the rest of your time will be spent more productively.
  7. Check email, Facebook, Twitter and any online areas you wish, first thing in the morning.  Yes, do it.  Get it going right away.  You might start people moving in a direction on a project and check back later to see how it is going.  You might be responding to someone in the U.K. and later they will not be available. Choose this one or number one (above).  Your choice. Which suits you better? 

There you have an example of what one of these top lists looks like.

Now what?  How about you use the information and try it out for a week or a month or a year and see if it makes a difference?  My thought is if you become more productive and at the same time you save some time we will have a value added moment together!

Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Your Mood is Your Food for Success in Business and Life

Business Success

What time of year is your favorite time of year? Some people have great sadness and anxiety when others are enjoying themselves. Do you have a time of year which upsets you or makes you anxious?

In your business, you must wear the mood and the mindset to keep your customers and your prospects interested in being around you and working with you. The ‘you’, is your store if you are in retail brick and mortar, your physical presence if you work in person, your videos, your website and more if you are an online business seller. This is bigger than your personal mindset, which is an important and an integral aspect of your success as well, it is akin to putting on your business attire and showing up for work.

Regardless of what is going on in your personal or business life, you are required to be warm, engaging and interesting toward your customers, clients and prospects. If you feel this is not being authentic and if you are upset about something, and your approach is, “well too bad, it is important to me and it cannot be hidden.” Well sad to say ‘Penelope’, wake up and smell the coffee, No one wants to hear your sob story! In fact, if anything they want you to listen to their sob story!

In addition, there is plenty of competition out there – meaning, if you or your environment are making people feel uncomfortable, they will go somewhere else where they do feel comfortable. If you are absolutely confident you own your market and your following are all raving fans, possibly you do not need to concern yourself with this topic.

See the example clip here

This would be a perfect example of how not to behave in your interactions with your customers, do you agree? In terms of listening to your customers, your clients, your prospects there is nothing wrong with having compassion and sharing an open ear. With this being said, you are certainly not expected to be their psychotherapist.

See the example clip here

Do you have a smile on your face yet? A few comedic clips to engage you in this process. There is nothing worse than an interested person meeting up with a dry humorless individual who is barely attempting to engage them as a person yet, is desperately trying to ‘sell to them’. A solution to assist you when or if you are in need of a mindset kick start to begin your day or even a booster shot during the day. Discover the use of affirmations to brighten your mood and to instill the mindset you wish to portray.

Write your own or start with these examples:

  • My thoughts are my reality and I am thinking of a bright new day.
  • I bet today will be a day to remember, let’s go and greet it.
  • There is a sun behind those clouds, I know it is there, so let me smile to show everyone I care.

Write these each out on an individual note card and carry these with you. Read one or all of them out loud when you feel the need. Feel free to use as often as you like. Article by Mitch Tublin,Certified Personal and Executive Coach based in Stamford, CT.

Set Your Priorities for Success in Business and Life

PrioritizeHave you ever climbed up a ladder which was over 25 ft. high? Then, when you are near the top, you have to stretch up and reach to unscrew a spot light, and then step and reach out again to replace the old bulb with a new one. As you climb up the ladder you look at each rung and step to make certain you keep your footing. Once you are near the top you realize you will need to stretch out a bit past the ladder to get to the light.

For success in business you have to set up a similar method of completing your projects and attaining the goals you set. You are not able to just go right to the top of the ladder. You must set reasonable goals to be achieved, similar to each rung you step up on the ladder. Once you achieve your goal you may find a bit more work needs to be done to really get the results you want in order to get to where you want to go.

This would be similar to stretching up to reach the light bulb. There are no shortcuts. You have to take an orderly path up the ladder, one rung at a time. You don’t skip up two or three rungs. You climb slowly and steady up the ladder. This is the same process for your business. It does not mean this process has to take years! For certain businesses with this orderly process may take a few months or even weeks. The point is you have to set your priorities.

Let’s consider the ladder again. As you are climbing up the ladder, you see one or two beautifully colored butterflies gliding nearby. Would you stop and go back down the ladder, find your camera or iPhone, and then go back up the ladder to take pictures? Once the pictures are taken, would you then post the photos and send them around to your friends? Would you climb down the ladder and print one or two of the photos out as you realize it would look perfect in your den in a frame? You now realize you don’t have the right frame so you get in your car and drive to the mall to purchase the perfect frame for your new butterfly picture. And this story goes on, as the picture has to be hung in the proper location… This story may seem ridiculous to you. Please ask yourself how it is any different than spending too much time on Twitter or Facebook? How is it any different than forgetting the birthday of your spouse or the anniversary of a special event to you both?

The ability to achieve success is directly related to your ability to prioritize. The next time you think you are falling off track think of this story of climbing the ladder to remind you to get to the light bulbs and stop chasing the butterflies. If you are ready to shine the light on your priorities contact Mitch Tublin now at or call 877-907-8223.

Time to be a Success in Business and Life

How do you and time get along with each other? The meaning of this question is do you schedule your day around the projects, phone calls and appointments with time limits? Or do you just let your day run on its own?

When you have a meeting with someone, or you are attending a networking event or function, are you the one who arrives early, on time, a bit late, or you completely forget about the meeting or event until the next day? These are real categories based upon actual admissions from new clients. Which category do you most often fit?

In the process of planning and striving to grow a business built for success, do you set a time and date as a deadline for you and your team to aim for in order to complete a project?  You may have heard me previously ask you to examine  larger companies and organizations to learn from them. Learn from their positive methods and their mistakes.

Some years ago when IBM began their consulting practice arm of their business, do you think they just decided, “Okay, let’s just try this consulting stuff and see how it goes?” Or do you think IBM determined where they were going to achieve consulting business and then set time and date parameters in order to be able to measure their progress? Today, years later, the consulting side of IBM is their highest revenue producing part of the company.

In your business the setting of a time and a date are critical to getting anything done. This is the way to build one project completion with another project starting, which is dependent upon the first one being completed. The ability for your team and you to be able to point to a date and a time is the way to energize people to put in the effort, implement, test, and complete what work is necessary to achieve the completion on time.

Time is a tool. Time will keep on going. Time is a constant. Time utilized correctly adds accountability and the ability to measure to the equation. In the bigger picture and the larger vision, the element of time will excite and inspire people. Which statement would interest you more?

“We will become the premier provider of…in the next 12 months!”


“Someday we will become the top provider of…maybe even in five years or so.”

Spend the time to create a relationship with time. Time should become your friend. Do this right now. Calendar in the following and confirm these appointments –

1.  If you are married, schedule a date and a time for a night out, one night each week, in the next four weeks just the two of you. No business calls or checking email. If you are not married, substitute with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

2. If you have parents, schedule a date and a time to visit with them. One day they will be gone and you will wish you did this more often.

3. If you have children, whatever age they are, schedule a date and a time to speak with them on the phone or meet with them if they are nearby, or to play with them if they are younger and at home. No business, no phone calls. This time is for just you and your child, without any distractions.

4. Get into the habit of doing 1, 2, and 3 more often. Now run your business the same way.

Ready to incorporate time into your success plan for your business and your life, contact Mitch Tublin today. Email or call 877-907-8223.