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A Dining Experience on Valentine’s Day Shows You a Success Tip

For your Valentine’s Day dining experience where did you choose to go with your significant other? My assumption is you dined in a location where there were numerous couples dining out for the same reason. They were each spending quality time connecting with each other. A few may have held hands while waiting to order. Some people say Valentine’s Day is for amateurs – whatever. The point is you probably did not go to a restaurant that had bustling tables with crowds and children. Where you went, everyone dining probably had a similar mindset and a single purpose in mind which creates certain energy in the room. You are able to sense this and feel it in the atmosphere.

More than ever before, the CEO of a large company, the founder of a small to medium size business, a professional in private practice or the successful entrepreneur, ALL need to take the opportunity to spend time with like minded individuals and share experiences, points of view and discuss concepts for handling certain situations while tuned out from the day to day business. This might take the form of a single-day local meeting, or a three day retreat in another location. Optimally there is a professional facilitating the process.

In our daily work today we are challenged to be able to focus. Everything is in a sound bite. This may take the form of endless ‘Executive Summaries’, social media marketing, customer interactions online and instantaneous tweets about anything heard or seen.Some prove to be false and many are in fact true. This makes it difficult to keep a project concealed until it is ready for roll out for example.

The ability to recognize the need to be around like minded people and to actually tune out the day to day business for a defined period of time is to be applauded. The people who undertake this approach in a planned and regular basis attest to how valuable the process has become to their success. It is something they look forward to as the dates approach in their calendar. Over time, lasting and trusting friendships are developed from meeting with a regular group. Is it possible the people who do not recognize the value in partaking in these group meetings are the true amateurs?

Are you interested in participating in a group or creating a safe environment for like minded individuals to have a facilitated retreat? Contact Mitch Tublin today mitchtublin@johnmaxwellgroup.com or http://www.johnmaxwellgroup.com/mitchtublin

P.S.  If you are ever in Greenwich, CT, and want a fine dining experience in a quiet place, go to Jean-Louis. Mention my name and let them know who sent you.


  1. I especially believe, Mitch, that if we want to grow and succeed and increase our success, we need to find people who also value growth, success, and increasing success. Like attracts like, and you become like the people you hang out with. That’s why I created the iaLOAp, afterall!! Cheers! Katherine.

  2. Mitch Tublin Business Success Coach says


    Fully agree!

    You have done well.