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Alarming News about Your Business Success

What do you do on the weekend for a wake up call? Alarm clock radios, wake up calls in hotels, travel alarm clocks – are all of these heading for the extinct list? Smart phones and web based services are how many people who require an assist to wake up find their help.

Do you set an alarm for yourself to wake up each day? What is critical to your success in business and life is what happens in the next few minutes.

Do you set your mood and intention up in the morning for the rest of your day? For example, you might say to yourself, out loud, “Who will I add value to today?” Or you might say, “How may I add value to as many people today as possible?” You might say another positive or inspirational statement out loud in the next few moments after you rise from your bed. This will set the groundwork up for you to create a positive and engaging day. It is not to say challenges will be kept away. It is not to say some issues will not come up that will test you. It is to say that to begin your day, each and every day, with a positive framework and a positive message you send to yourself, will set you up for a successful day in business and life.

There are other folks who will never be convinced of the importance of these few moments. They find it easier to wallow in their distaste for life. Everything is wrong. No one knows anything but them. Their life is filled with complaining. They enjoy the taste of ‘whine’. We know these people are in essence ‘toxic’. For the ability to be a success in business and life, the type of people described as toxic must be kept at arm’s length away from you at all costs. They would love and enjoy nothing more than to pull you into their pity pit alongside them. It is a greater challenge to frame up your day, each and every day, with the positive influence of a statement said aloud to yourself.

One note of caution, this process works for anyone, at any level, in any business or stage of life. The key is to repeat this process every single day. It is not magical. It is spiritual if you will. You are letting your mind know you are engaged and ready to add value to others and to this world. You will then feel good. You will begin your day with a great sense of purpose.

If you are ready to adjust your mindset or the mindset of your team, contact Mitch Tublin today at info@mitchtublin.com.


  1. Mitch,
    You are right on… your thoughts control your activities and can set your day off in a good way or…. if you set positive “routines” you can experience positive results in your business and personal life. Thanks! Gail

  2. Being clear and setting intentions is an essential first step toward the success you desire. Good stuff, Mitch! XO, Katherine.

  3. Mitch!

    Great reminder to set the mood and intention at the start of the day. I have to admit, I am not one of those people who wake up happy and excited. It’s usually more like – ugh! But, I do take the time – before I even get out of bed – to stretch, be grateful, and set my mood and intention. It really makes a huge difference.


  4. Mitch,

    Wow – what a wake-up-call! Yes getting up and setting your intentions straight for the day can really make a HUGE difference. I think I will set the alarm clock to ring 30-min earlier tomorrow.

    Dr. Robert Fenell
    Founder & CEO, Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics Of America™