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Are You Creating Trouble?

Maslow stated if you only have one tool and it is a hammer, you look at every problem as if it is a nail. Regardless of your position in your company or if you are a solo-preneur consider for a moment how you operate. If you were running a garage or car repair shop you would have a variety of tools at the ready for the specific type of vehicle, make and model vehicle which required your expertise. Why should we think for a moment in our business lives it is any different? Each situation requires a unique set of tools which we have honed over time with experience, personal development, mentoring and other means.

There may be situations where the tools to be utilized are defined for us. For example, in a turnaround situation via a bankruptcy, there will be limitations preset by the court or the ruling entity.

Each of us has our own education, experiences, knowledge base for various situations. This is why there is often such great value in developing a team approach for certain projects. We will each see the problem and the clear paths to the solution in different ways.

A key point to recognize is one tool does not solve all issues and problems. Haven’t we all either worked for, or heard of a ‘boss’ who always solved everything with man-hours. Any issue or problem just meant everyone would have to stay longer at the office, every day, until the problem was resolved. Meanwhile the pressing of man-hours was not an effective solution. It only created tired worn out employees who were now losing focus.

The development of an understanding and appreciation for which tools to utilize when, and which tools are complementary to one another are critical, become more effective and more successful in our business and careers.

Another key point is to recognize where we may lack ability. We do not have the right knowledge in every area.

  • First, the identification and recognition of this is critical.
  • Second, is to take action to attain the personal development necessary to equip ourselves.
  • Third is to put this new learning to use, in order to solidify the knowledge into our skill set.

This information is for any level or position in a company. It may be applied by an entrepreneur in their own business. It is time saving. It is mistake saving. Do not take any of this lightly.

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