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Authenticity And Providing A Service

How do you determine what service business you are meant to provide? Do you provide this service with an authentic heart and mindset?
This topic means more today than ever before regardless of the size of your business. People do not trust business.
People have given their life to a company often working 16 hours a day for a company and now are out of work, or working to cover the work of three other people. There is a deluge of internet only based offers which many people have been burned by. You are an entrepreneur or a small business owner so how you differentiate yourself by being authentic and providing that extra level of commitment to your clients? You are the CEO of a Mid to Large Size company.  Is your Board made up of Yes people, are you solely working toward each of the next two quarters to make certain you keep your job and your paycheck, bonus?  What is it you must do right now to show your workforce and your shareholders that you run a different business environment while still providing shareholder value?
Share your thoughts with us here. Coming up next will be action steps to take in addition to the comments provided.


  1. Mitch,
    The idea that a business owner does much better when he or she is passionate about what they do is right on. Businesses that are filled with unenergized people most usually provide listless customer service and listless products, too. Appreciate your article!
    Sue Painter

  2. Mitch – and connecting with a real person is far more valuable than many people realize. Great start – looking forward to more.


  3. Absolutely be authentic and infuse what you do with love and heart. Let you clients know their best interest is important to you personally. Make that authentic heart connection. Plus, I think it is important now to really give and share of yourself. Thanks, Mitch. Katherine.

  4. Mitch – A recent episode of the new TV show “Undercover Boss” showed the CEO who had lost touch with his line workers how important that personal involvement and authentic connection was. Great post!

    Phil Dyer
    America’s Entrepreneur Strategist™

  5. authenticity is really the golden ingredient to any transaction!

  6. Like you said “People do not trust business” especially during this harsh economic time. Many corporations are now starting to use trustworthy looking everyday people to market their business rather than just a company name. People still trust people as long as you are being authentic.

  7. Mitch,

    You bring up some valid points. People must start thinking and acting differently. The business behaviors of the past don’t work in the present — at least not the unauthentic behaviors. There is a push for real connections and as we’ve all heard, we must know, like and trust someone to do business together. So, building REAL relationships is the cornerstone of success– especially for entrepreneurs. It may take a little more for corporate to catch up.

    Write on!~


  8. You hit the nail on the head. The business model of the past isn’t working any longer and we are at a cross roads. Authenticity is key to rebuilding trust in relationships across the board. WE have a big role as individuals to play in this new paradigm and as always, it starts with changes within ourselves!

  9. Hey Mitch good to connect online. My thoughts are that real leaders are people who proactively respond to life and business based on their values. They are people who are able to recognise the gap between stimuli and response and then use that gap to proactively choose how to respond. These people tend to be well grounded, centred and very magnetic for others. I believe there is a difference between managing verses leading and when leaders instill servant leadership in their organization, it can radically shift the culture.

    Look forward to reading more
    Cheers from down under
    Heidi Alexandra Pollard