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Calm Your Way to Success in Business and Life

The need for calming experiences in our busy lives is more important now than ever. It seems we permit so much to pull us into different directions from the electronics to the constant media stream we are drawn towards. The people we interact with utilize the same electronic equipment and regardless of a work interaction, or social communication, everyone seems to expect immediate responses. If one does not immediately respond in some way it is highly likely a missing person’s report would be filed within a few hours. Text messages, emails, voicemails, Tweets, Facebook posts, a new Pin, a group conversation on LinkedIn and more…

For me the sound of the ocean waves coming into the surf, and the warmth of the sand surrounding your feet and toes, is the perfect calming influence. There may be nothing more relaxing than falling asleep into a nice quiet nap on the beach listening to the sound of the waves coming in and going out. This of course would be only after yoga. Another option for anyone not near the ocean would be yoga. Yoga may be the perfect calming influence available to anyone. The oneness and calmness of your own breathing paced with your yoga practice.

The actual need for rest and relaxation has been studied and it has been repeatedly proven your performance increases dramatically after a period of relaxation. The thought of comparing a long weekend or two alongside a one full week or ten days or two weeks is no comparison. For most people it takes a full day or two to just chill out. In actual fact, many Americans never unwind. There is something off track in their ability to just be. They have lost their ability to do nothing for a period of time. Nothing but relax. John Maxwell recently said to me, “We Americans have lowered the definition of average”.

What do you think my friend John Maxwell meant by this statement?

Consider for a moment – if you agree a person will increase their performance after a period of relaxation. If you agree that some Americans have lost their ability to unwind or they have never mastered the art. Would it be fair to deduce the highs of performance will now be less than before as less people are taking the time to relax? When the highs are reduced or removed the entire average is now lowered.

Take a good look at your personal schedule and for each member of your team. Make it your business to ensure you are and your team is taking the time to relax and unwind.

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  1. Mitch,

    Agreed. Rest and relaxation are the KEY to productivity and creativity. Don’t a lot of that myself as of late and gearing up for some BIG things.

    Great post.

    Write on!~

    Lisa Manyon

  2. Absolutely and totally agree with this, Mitch! Without rejuvenating we can’t keep going at our best.

    I’m reminded of a quote from Winston Churchill (I think) – to his chauffer…”Slow down. I’m in a hurry.”

  3. Very important to schedule in all the relaxation and recharging time you personally need — and stick to it! XO, Katherine

  4. My creative juices are much sharper after a vacation!

    Kiyla Fenell