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Carry Baggage Around Or Do You Check In Vs. Carry Baggage Around

Carry Baggage Around Or Do You Check In Vs. Carry Baggage Around

identifying and handling your personal baggageThis is one of those subjects where each person has their own specific viewpoint and way of handling their baggage. When traveling how much do you pack? How many bags do you have with you? Are you the type of person who checks in a decent sized bag which carries most of your clothes, toiletries and possibly some extra reading material? The last time I checked the allowed baggage weight is limited to 50 lbs. per bag – after 50 lbs. – you must pay some heavy penalty fees. Does your check in bag usually weigh close to 50 lbs.?

Or are you the type of person who must carry your baggage wherever you go. This means when you travel you are carrying your baggage with you. On a flight you are walking down the aisle and if you turn a little bit to the left or right your shoulder bag smacks a person sitting in the aisle seat as you walk by. Yes, your baggage does impact others. At your first entrance to the airport going thru the security line your carry on baggage slows the line down as there is more to review compared to the person who checked in their bag. When you have a connecting flight and you need to rush a bit to catch the boarding time the baggage you are carrying with you slows you down.

Let’s now switch around this example. Instead of flights and traveling, let’s talk about building your business, working with clients or customers, networking and attending events. And the baggage you are carrying around is your personal baggage. Your issues, self doubt, your attitude, your mindset, all of this may be your personal baggage.

identifying and handling your personal baggageWhat happens now? Do you carry around your baggage with you everywhere you go? Are you able to perform at a high level because you have learned how to check in your baggage? Or do you carry around your baggage with you everywhere you go? Are you trying to figure out how to check in that baggage as you see the impact your negativity has on others at an event?

The point here is simply to understand how much baggage you have and how to check it in. Your baggage does impact you and others. If your personal baggage is slowing you down, blocking you, impacting how people view you, you must identify your baggage and deal with it! Get some help and overcome your own baggage. Stop carrying around all of your baggage with you and either check it in or lose it!

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  1. I had to laugh when I read this – I’m a bag checker, all the time I watch people get on planes and try to stow bags that are WAY too big to fit. Happens in the brain and spirit, too! Great analogy, Mitch. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Sue Painter

  2. I love the analogy Mitch, so clear and relatable. I love the freedom of getting on the plane with a fanny pack and a book!

    • Mitch Tublin Business Strategist says

      Lynn thanks! It is so much easier to travel light and let the airline deal with your bag. I’m with you!

  3. Great article Mitch. I’m a checker. I carry as little as possible and don’t mind paying the fees to let someone else handle my baggage!

  4. As for my bags, it depends for me. I assess each travel situation as it comes along! As for my business, I tend to carry the baggage…so thanks for the reminder and encouragement to drop the dead weight. 🙂

    • Mitch Tublin Business Strategist says

      Carmen thank you for your response. Maybe you want to think about checking in some baggage? Give me a call! Enjoy!