What Costume Do You Wear?

Many people have been preparing for days, weeks, even months for the big day and maybe more importantly the big weekend right ahead. What would so many people put their time, energy, effort and money into? What else – a costume to wear for Halloween! This year the actual trick-or-treat day is on Monday. The weekend before will certainly be filled with parties to attend in full costume.

New York Costumes Halloween Adventure

Not too many years ago this was an activity for children in The Americas. A super hero, a law enforcement or fire fighter look alike, a soldier, a clown, a witch, a vampire, a bumble bee or even Frankenstein! There were endless choices. Now it is an adult ritual. In fact an entire industry has blossomed selling adult costumes!

Are you getting dressed up for a Halloween bash?

Go right now to the comments section and let us know what you will be dressed up as so we know who you are from across the room.

Here is the thing – are you authentic – are you real – in your daily business and personal life? OR – are you dressed up and in costume all of the time every day?

When in my first auditorium meeting with the entire entering class of the United States Merchant Marine Academy – after we were issued our gear, were yelled at, no screamed at, did numerous braces against the wall and push ups on the deck – we were all told to look to our right and to look to our left and understand that odds were only one of the three of us were going to graduate – period – actually we were told – it was a fact.

The statistics say the divorce rate in the United States is right around 50%. This means that every single time a couple gets married one out of two are going to be divorced. It seems clear to me – odds are great – that one or both of these folks are not being real, not being authentic in their relationship with the other person. Maybe even both of them are not being real and not being authentic. How does this happen?

We all have our personality – our behavior profile – which is who we are for real. Based upon a variety of circumstances and feedback from other people, some negative, some parts of this personality or behavior is selected to be hidden or tucked away. You may be shocked at how many people live this way for their entire lives!

Imagine for a moment if you really understood your personality and instead of hiding any aspect of it you were able to understand what other personalities exist in people and how you and they would be able to interact and get along better?

In my profession we utilize certain assessments to conduct this work. The results of the assessment combined with training permits people to excel to their highest levels in their personal lives and in business.

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified personal and executive coach, trainer and speaker based in Stamford, CT.


Blank Page, Squiggly Lines, One Through Four or Inquire in Advance

How do you do everything?The other day as the facilitator of a group meeting in New York City – the meeting was at the starting point where we were ready to go around the table with brief introductions in order to get to know each other.  As is often my practice this question was asked in order to be answered first prior to their introductory words.

“We will go around the table first one at a time and answer this question and then please do introduce yourself to everyone – before coming to this meeting today would you say you were a –

  • Blank page with nothing written on it
  • A dazed and confused page with all squiggly lines on it
  • An organized one to four ready with your questions and your list of four points to make
  • You had previously contacted me for the agenda and looked up the details of what we were going to be covering in this meeting”

Take a moment and go to the comments section and note which one you would be.

Everyone took their turn and answered the question. Some had a story to go along with their answer and others did not. The answers did cover each of the options with blank page and squiggly lines the clear favorites. Once we went around the table one time. Here is what took place for round two.

“Please consider the following… you were asked to consider these four options for how you considered yourself prior to this meeting. The question now is related to this quote or concept: “How you do anything, is how you do everything.”  With this in mind – do you agree with this statement or not and now how do you show up in life –

  • Blank page
  • Squiggly lines
  • One through four always organized
  • Need to know in advance and do your research”

Take a moment and go to the comments section and provide your answers now.

This time around everyone was more thoughtful. Almost everyone had stories and explanations around their responses.

The wrap up from me is at the end of the day aren’t we all made up of a part of each in our daily lives? We each decide how much of each in what part of our day or our lives. This is the aspect of our awareness of ourselves where we have the ability to claim greater effectiveness, efficiencies and increased productivity in our work and in our lives.

What do you think?

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive coach, business consultant, trainer and speaker based in Stamford, CT.

How Do You Obtain Your News?

How Do You Obtain Your News?The facts have been in and quite clear for a number of years, newspapers and magazines are going the way of the payphone, the pencil sharpener and the home phone in the kitchen.

The question is – How Do You Obtain Your News?

There are some who may say – Why should I care?

The latter question may be a topic for another article. Let’s assume this answer for now – It is important to be on top of the news in general in order to be conversant with others. It is important to be on top of the news in your area of business in order to be considered an expert or at least competent. It is important to be on top of the news in and around where you live in order to be aware of what is going on in your community.

Right now if you have an opposing view, or even a supporting view, go to the comments section for this article and make your statement.

My curious nature has me wondering how many people still read the newspaper or magazines to obtain their news? The majority of newspapers now offer an online subscription along with their newspaper delivery subscription. However, in speaking with people of a variety of age groups, less and less people are interested in either one!

Many people rely on one or more websites to feed them headlines and news stories based upon their requested information. Within ten to fifteen minutes of scrolling through their electronic device of choice they feel all caught up.

This being said, each morning on CNBC’s Squawk Box show each of the hosts has spread out in front of them on their sparkling new presentation desktop – newspapers from that day – The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and yes once in awhile The New York Post. Check it out and you will see Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin flipping through the newsprint right in front of them each morning. Even this show about business, which is trying to be ‘with it’ to the point where CNBC established an office to broadcast from in Downtown San Francisco with a back drop of the harbor and the Oakland Bay Bridge, still refers to and displays newspapers.

By the way, the spots CNBC produces out of this San Francisco Studio have been excellent with interviews by Jim Cramer and others.

Why does CNBC give newspapers camera time and airtime when less and less people are spending any of their time looking at newspapers?

Here is what would be greatly appreciated – go to the comments section for this article and let us know where you obtain your news from and why?

Mitch Tublin is a professional speaker, trainer and advanced certified executive coach based in Stamford, CT. You may get in touch with Mitch for speaking – training – coaching.

The Chains Of Habit

The Chains of Habit“The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”

What does this statement mean to you?

Please take a moment and in the comments area for this article place a few words.  Would you agree we are all such creatures of habit?

Consider your daily routine for a moment. From the moment you rise up until you rest your body down at night.  What are you routines or habits each day? Some may actually try and say they have none!

Seriously? Hogwash!

You will be let off fairly easy. Rather than delve into your deepest habits this soon – allow me to ask you this question?

When you put on your pants or leggings which foot and leg do you put in first?

My guess is whichever one it is – it is that same one every single time!  Take a moment and write out on a pad of paper your daily routine each day of the week from Monday through Friday. How many items are habits, routines which you blindly follow each day without one second thought? In fact, if you were to consciously attempt to change a few of these habits/routines you might feel uncomfortable for the rest of your day or week.

Now write out in your work that you conduct each day, what habits or routines do you follow each and every day? Start with a few easy ones to record such as what you eat for lunch or where you go to have lunch? Maybe add in who you have lunch with each day?

This example may give you some comfort. A billionaire CEO, who I worked with for a number of years, ordered the same lunch whenever he was in the home office, every single day – Toasted Rye, tuna salad, lettuce, tomato and a half sour pickle.

Every single day it was delivered to his office just like that.

Every one of us are creatures of habit!

What would happen if someone asked you or even better imposed upon you to change these habits or routines? Write out how you would react? How would you feel?

Now what if you are the leader of this company or group, and to improve performance across the board, changes in many processes need to be put into place. How do you think these changes should be introduced and implemented?

Too often when change is brought into a unit or a group or an entire company it is put upon everyone as in shoved down their throat. A more effective approach would be to effectively communicate about the upcoming changes and even better, engage people beforehand for their input into the new process or changes in order to create the new way.

This should be actively requested and actively pursued not by sending out one email requesting input with zero followup or engagement.

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Mitch Tublin is a professional speaker, advanced certified coach and trainer based in Stamford, CT.

When Do You Do Your Best Thinking?

https://easysmallbusinesssolutions.com/interested-mastermind-group/Ever come up with a thought to solve something or invent something and it was so amazing you could not wait to write it down or type it up and when you were ready to write it down or type it up you were not able to recall the details at all? You’re not alone!

Taking a quick survey of some people asking the question – When do you do your best thinking? Here are some of the responses –

“In the morning when I am not rushing to get into anything work related and have no other immediate obligations. In others words – hardly EVER!”

“Definitely when I am in the shower. It is the only time I am alone with nothing else going on and no one looking for me to respond to something or do something for them.”

“In your Mastermind Groups so many discussions take place with you and among the participants. Afterwards I have so many thoughts and ideas that bubble up. I thought it was only me. Then I asked a few of the other participants and they find the same thing happens to them!”

“Without a doubt when I am at the beach by the ocean relaxing. I zone out. This is my best thinking time and place.”

“When I go rock climbing. I have to focus on the climb and nothing else. Eventually this becomes part of the activity of climbing. Then my mind moves into thinking mode. It kind of just happens. I can’t control it other than to say when I am rock climbing it will happen!”

Before the article continues on – take a moment and note in the comments section – when do you do your best thinking? Type in your experience for you. Thanks!

In actual fact there is not a wealth of information available on why our best thinking happens when it does. For one thing how do you sit someone down and monitor them to determine when they are going to have a random thought or idea!

In addition to the comments listed already some people said –

“When I listen to music I do my best thinking.”

“When I am surrounded by other people is when I conduct my best thinking.”

“When I am at a concert in the crowd random thoughts keep coming to me.”

If you are able to identify and harness when you do your best thinking wouldn’t this be helpful to you?

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified Executive Coach, Trainer and Speaker based in Stamford, CT.

Do You Quiet The Noise?

Do You Quiet The NoiseThere are distractions galore today and much more than before! Do you quiet the noise? Here is the reason for this question… when you are working do you silence your cell phone, sign off of all social media, sign out from any email accounts, turn off the TV and in essence create a bubble of silence around you for a period of time?

A number of my clients enjoy working with music on – from their Spotify Account or Apple Music. They tell me it is a form of relaxation to them and the absolute quiet is almost as distracting as too much noise.

There are others who work in an office environment where numerous TV monitors are preset and on all day long to anything from CNBC, MSNBC, CNN among the options. They tell me that they actually tune it out to the point where they are not hearing any of the specific stories. It is almost a version of their noise cancelling device.

How about you? Go to the comment section of this article and share. Let us know What do you do about the noise?

There are other folks who take a different approach.

One personality utilizes the complete ear plug insertion. Yes, they actually place earplugs into their outer ear canal in order to shut out the noise. Did you know there are different levels of ear plugs available depending upon how much sound you may wish to allow in? You may see this at work and at play. Look around next time in your spin class or other workout room where some feel the music is too loud. You may see this as well at a club or even a rock concert.

Another personality is best described as the always plugged in person. No matter where or when they always have headphones or earphones connected to a device playing some type of music. Always as in while working, eating, sleeping and often during a meeting or a first date. Yes, this is true, sad but true.

Are you one of these two personalities? Tell us your story in the comments section of this article.

It is my suggestion to do what works best for you with one caveat. Be respectful and be a social person. Be aware of your performance. It is possible too much distraction going on may cause a drop off in your performance and/or productivity.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified coach, trainer and professional speaker based in Stamford, CT.

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