Who Is The Most Valuable Group In Any Company?

Who Is The Most Valuable Group In Any Company?The other evening at a small networking event a few of us met some people who were at the same venue yet not in our networking group. Of course, since this was all about connecting and networking, we had them join our little group and engaged in conversation with them and welcomed them into our fold.

One of the people went to great lengths to explain to me after hearing about my work as a speaker, trainer and coach with a main focus on leadership, effective communication and emotional intelligence in the workplace, why Human Resources (HR) is the most valuable part of any company and severely under rated in their function. Yes, you heard that right – the most valuable part of any company.

Right now, stop and take a moment to comment in the comment section – what is the most valuable group in your company – where you work?

The week before I was at Baltusrol Golf Club – yes that Baltusrol, which by the way is a gem of a golf course and full of history! I was in conversation with one of the golfers in our foursome about my work of adding value to individuals, teams, divisions and entire companies by introducing cultural change, values based leadership and more. He is a very senior lawyer at a Fortune 100 company.

During our discussion he mentioned how HR almost raises their own level of importance by introducing a variety of measurements and evaluation and processes which really restricts people who run groups inside the company from being leaders and bringing in outside speakers and trainers with fresh thinking and outside view points. He has witnessed over the last decade and more how HR has forced themselves into much more than necessary to the point where they have raised their level of importance without really adding any tangible value. Yes, you heard that right – they have raised their level of importance without really adding any tangible value.

Now here is the thing – HR has a function – and full disclosure – HR is critical to me and my business as often it is the HR group which places me on their list of coaches to select from or retain as their Executive Coach for the company and brings me in to conduct training and workshops on Effective Personal Leadership, Effective Personal Productivity and much, much more.

If you have not done so already, please go to the comments area and note – what is the most valuable group in your company – where you work?

Here is the answer to the question – Who Is The Most Valuable Group In Any Company?

The Group Of People Who Are Working At The Company! 

The People Who Work At The Company are the MOST VALUABLE GROUP!

Everyone must be on the same team! No one group should attempt to be known as the most important group in the company. It is a team effort. This is why CULTURE MATTERS. Everyone must understand and recognize from the most senior levels in the company to the most entry level person in the company every single person contributes to the success or failure of the business in some way.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive coach, trainer and speaker based in Stamford, CT.

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Make Certain You Eat Your Fruit Everyday!

Fruity Pebbles - Eating Fruit?A person who is a casual acquaintance, named Roger, attended a unique networking event hosted by me in New York City. He was my guest along with three other people. During the closing fifteen minutes we break away from the conference table and mingle with each other in true networking style.

Roger came up to me to thank me for the invitation and to say what an excellent group of people to meet. Unfortunately, he said, I am already committed to a networking group for this year. My questions were then about this other networking group. He said, well actually, I have been a member of it for over ten years and it does nothing for me. In fact, I stopped giving referrals to anyone three or four years ago because no one ever gives me any, that work out, you know, turn into business.

I asked him “Why do you continue to go and continue to be a member of this group?” Well, Roger stated, as if the answer was so obvious why would anyone ask? “Some of the people are now my friends, the day and time work and fit into my schedule so why not? After all, everyone knows me now? The fee is only a few hundred bucks a year.”

Let me stop this story for a moment to be picked up again soon.

A few days ago in reference to something completely different, my wife, Dr. Patty Ann, made this statement – “Why it is just like someone eating Fruity Pebbles Cereal in the morning and saying – well of course – I had my fruit today!” Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

Now this was an amazing statement for what we were discussing. Even better was that this quote was going to be utilized in an article written by me somewhere really soon.

Who knew it would happen this quickly! Thanks DPA!

Back to Roger and his networking group. I said “Roger, look it is great you have attended our meeting today. Thank you for coming here. If you would like to speak with me for an introductory, no cost, call for twenty minutes, we can continue this conversation. Right now there are other guests who must be greeted by me. One quick question though, is anyone in your current networking group someone you conduct any business with or in fact have you ever conducted business with anyone from your group?” Well, Roger said, “that is a long story, may I have another one of your business cards?”

The short answer is no – no one – ever.

Now Roger is on my calendar for his introductory, no cost, call for twenty minutes. Do you see how he thinks he is networking – yet – he is not networking at all!

Kind of like eating fruity pebbles for breakfast and thinking you had all of your fruit for the day!

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified executive coach, business consultant and professional speaker based in Stamford, CT.

What Type of Networker Are You?

What Type of Networker Are YouSeriously, what type of networker are you?

Recently this is the conversation between these three young professional guys going into the same networking event as me:

“Dude I brought over a hundred of my cards and I plan on getting more than that many before I leave here today!”

“Man, I am going to sell all the way through this event. I am going in here to close some business.”

“Do you think there are any cute chicks going to be here?”

At least one of the three had a potentially winning mindset!

Do you think you are going to a networking event to collect new business cards? You don’t really think you are going to meet someone at a networking event and you are going to close business deals with them right there, that day, at the networking event?

Let’s set the table for the proper meal. If you believe the saying people do business with those people who they know like and trust – Networking is the first step on the know, like and trust staircase!

Here are three key items for you to be a great networker

First is your own mindset.

Be in the frame of mind, thinking – “how may I add value to others, here today, for each person I meet, how may I add value to them.”

This one small habit of thought before each networking event you plan to attend will do wonders for you and how you present yourself to others.

Second is know your talking points about yourself so you may speak them clearly and in a one or two minute maximum statement. It is possible you might have a few of these ready to go depending upon the group you run into at the networking event.

Third is you should be prepared to ask questions and then listen, then ask more questions and listen some more. Show genuine interest and ask questions of the people you meet. Too often people will say their two to three minutes and then the next person is barely able to hold back and they begin to blurt out their own ten minute story of their life!

Is there more to becoming a great networker? Of course there is! Would you be interested in joining a call about better and more effective networking skills CLICK HERE.

Meanwhile add these three key steps into your networking preparation habits to become a better networker.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified coach, business consultant and speaker who resides in Stamford, CT.

3 Important Tips When You Attend Events

Tips for Attending Live EventsDo you attend events? When travel, hotel and food are added into the cost of the event, the event cost itself, plus the time involved attending the event, it becomes a serious investment.

Prior to the event do you have a plan and a strategy formulated in order to make the most of your investment? Even if the event is local and you do not have to travel you are investing your time. This is an investment as well and you should have a plan and a strategy to make the most of it.

Here are three tips you should utilize to make the most of your event attending experience.

First tip is you should review the schedule carefully.

Are there breakout sessions where you have the ability to select which one to participate in? Review these prior to attending the event and make your selection during each breakout of choice A and choice B for each breakout period. The reason is because if one of the sessions is canceled you already know where you intend to go, or if one of the sessions fills up you will already know where to go instead. Research the presenter and understand more about them and their background. This will enable you to judge the potential value to you of their session.

Second tip is you should see if there is a list of attendees posted or if there is a social media page for the event.

This will enable you to determine which people you definitely want to connect with in person at the event. Have this list available in order to ask others at the event if they saw them, know them or met them. Treat this as a game if you want to and don’t stress over it. However, make it your business to connect with the people you need to connect with!

Third tip is on the way back home from attending an event have a plan for what you will put into use – put into action and when.

Follow up with the people you met at the event within the first three to five days of the event with an action step to met in person if they are local or arrange a phone call.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified coach, business consultant and speaker based in Stamford, CT.

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Your Time Spent Networking Is Valuable

time-spent-networkingTime is one of our most valuable and not replaceable aspects of our lives. You either utilize your time constructively and with purpose or you do not. In either case once the time is passed it is gone. When you attend a networking event how do you judge if your time spent attending the networking event was a successful use of your time? 

Let’s take a look at three people who spoke with me after a networking event we all attended. The event was an intentionally intimate, small gathering with 24 attendees. The meeting was for 90 minutes.  Plenty of time to have a meeting agenda and network effectively with a group this size.

The first person we will review is Peter. He is in his mid-twenties and he works for a large wealth management firm in the area. Peter basically said the networking meeting was the worst one he ever attended. He was immediately thrown off guard when everyone was asked to turn off their smart phones. He did not understand why the phones could not be silenced or placed on vibrate. Why did they have to be turned off? The next item which upset him was the obvious age difference. He was certain he was the youngest person in the room by a good fifteen years or more. Peter felt he had nothing to talk about with anyone.

The next person we will review is Lisa. Lisa is in her early forties and she works in Commercial Real Estate leasing and rentals.  She found the group to be the perfect target clients for her business so she started to pitch every single person she met with her portfolio of available office space. Lisa asked each person she met almost immediately where their office was located, how many square feet they had, what they were paying, and when their lease was up. At the end of the meeting Lisa told me she was very annoyed. This was her target client group and not one person agreed to set up an appointment to look at alternative office space with her.

The final person we will review is Barbara. Barbara is in her mid fifties. She is an attorney with a specialty in estates and trusts and works in her own practice. Barbara says she is a student of networking. At the conclusion of the event she was beaming. Four people had already set up appointments with her to meet one on one in order to discuss how they might be able to help each other. Four other people agreed to either email or call each other in order to set up an appointment to meet one on one. Barbara was ecstatic with her results! One third of the room were already going to meet with her and walking into the room she only knew one person in advance.

In summary, what do we learn from these real life reviews after a networking event?

First is to have an open mind and be yourself. Recognize that you are there to connect with people and not to utilize your smart phone and ignore the people right there next to you or across the table from you.

Second is the objective of networking is to create relationships. It is not to pitch and sell directly to the people you are first meeting. It is a turn off.

Third is to have conversations with as many people as possible and have as an objective to make appointments to meet one on one to connect with each other at another time. This will permit the relationship to build and to offer to understand how to help each other in their businesses.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Do You Fear Networking?

fear-networkingMany people tell me they have a great fear of public speaking and giving presentations.

A quick commercial here is that this is one of the areas where my personal approach can help. I help people overcome these fears, become much better speakers and presenters and for those who think they are good enough in these areas, I help people to really excel and step into their greatness as speakers and presenters. If you are interested in learning more about how I can help you with speaking or presentations please use this form to contact me.

What is more interesting to me is many more people have a greater fear than public speaking. This fear is the fear of networking. This fear is the fear of walking into a room or a setting where you do not know anyone.

Typically my articles are not sales pitch articles. Again, the area of networking is one of the areas where my expertise is leveraged to help people become excellent networkers. If you are interested in learning more about networking you can request a free copy of my audio Ninja Networking Secrets here.

The ability to network is critical in any business. It is especially important if you are a one person or small business owner. Odds are great that the majority of your business comes from referrals and networking.

Allow me to clear up one error many novice networkers make. The action of networking is not to collect business cards and hammer people with your sales pitch either right then and there in person or online with emails as soon as you leave the networking event.

There are two very important mistakes in taking these actions. The first is this – the objective of networking is to build relationships with people. Odds are good you will not be selling to anyone you meet. You will sell to their contacts once you build up a trusting relationship with them.

The second error is when you obtain a business card from someone this is not them giving you permission to email them and advertise to them or place them on your newsletter list. Yes, of course an email to set up a meeting or to follow up on a conversation is fine. Do not presume a business card passed to you equates to an optin for your email list.

In closing, recognize where you need to overcome your fears it may be in public speaking, presenting to groups or networking. Decide it is time to invest in yourself and to overcome these fears.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.