Who Are You Spending Most Of Your Time With?

Building strong relationshipsReally, think about it and write down their names. Who are you spending most of your time with? Are you being challenged, stretched, held accountable?

In setting up the topic for this article allow me to reference a previous writing of mine.

In the article: https://easysmallbusinesssolutions.com/do-you-do-it-alone/

One of the topics discussed was around highly competitive athletes. Here is a portion:

“In fact the top twenty to thirty people are all putting in the training regimen, the workout, the practice time, the diet – so what is it that differentiates the top three or one from the rest? It is their mental approach. How they handle their performance under extraordinary pressure time and again, over and over. Plus, how they approach their training regimen, their workout, their practice time, their diet – the mental approach they bring to these efforts each day as well.

This is the great separator. The example is for highly competitive athletes, however, it is the same in the world of business, start-ups, entrepreneurs and politics! No different.”

The article moves on to discuss the importance of building a strong team around you. Another important item to note is who you are hanging out with or more specifically who are the top three to five people you are spending the majority of your time with. Are they each approaching or exceeding the competitive nature of whatever you are all involved in at the same level or more? How would this add to your mental approach?

Jim Rohn, the entrepreneur and motivational speaker, said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

It is my suggestion you take into consideration what your goals are and what is the vision you see for yourself? You must, absolutely must, find the people to spend time with who will challenge you, stretch you, or even hold you accountable. You want these people to be of a similar mindset to yours, however, some may be more advanced on their path than you are at this time. This is not a requirement – in fact – even better, might be that each one of you have an area of expertise that is higher than anyone else’s in that specific item – again not a requirement.

The mindset is key – that each person is driven and competitive in order to achieve their vision of where they intend to go in their life and in their business. Consider the following statement from the classic book, “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill –

“When a group of individual brains are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual brain in the group.”

Let’s look at a few options of how you might move ahead with locating and obtaining agreement from the people you want to be able to spend more of your time with. We will look at two methods, however, certainly there may in fact be numerous other methods available for you to try out. The first method is to list the names of the people you would want to be one of your four or five people and then begin to reach out to them.

A second method is to be clear on your own vision and what you intend to achieve. Then locate a group, such as a Mastermind Group, run by a professional who has been trained and certified by the best in the business of leadership and communication. The people who participate in this group will highly likely be the exact type of people you will want to spend most of your time with. Interested in joining a Mastermind Group such as this type run by Mitch Tublin CLICK HERE.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified coach, trainer and speaker based in Stamford, CT.

Rolling On A Highway

car-trafficThe majority of us drive on an interstate or some type of highway a few times a week or more. On a three lane highway, ever notice the impact of someone who is driving a car in the center lane, yet, at a reduced speed of ten to fifteen MPH less than the speed limit which may have them clocked at twenty to twenty five MPH less than the majority of traffic? The impact is almost always an accident waiting to happen. The left lane is constantly flowing past this car in a steady stream of vehicles. The right lane has cars lining up to pass as well only slightly less organized and flowing than the left lane.

Meanwhile the three, four or five cars directly behind the center lane driver are feeling stuck as they came upon this unexpectedly and now feel trapped not able to readily get into the left lane to pass or the right lane to sneak by as well.

All of this is an accident waiting to happen and what makes matters worse is the driver in the center lane taking their time and driving along has absolutely no idea! They have no clue or awareness of the havoc they wreak out on the road behind them.

If the picture is not clear from the example of the driver, consider the crew team rowing in their shell. In a practice session or in a race each stroke must be in synch with everyone else’s stroke. The style and execution of the stroke must be the same. Any disruption to this timed team effort will cost them time and knock speed off their progress.

In many ways this is what happens to a team when there is one person who is not pulling their weight or not choosing to fit in with the team. They begin to become a burden to everyone else on the team. The team may need to sidestep around them and their assigned tasks or roles on a project in order to complete their assigned goals.

Depending upon the severity and the cost to the team and the business, these individuals must be dealt with. There is a possibility working regularly with an Executive Coach may create the change necessary to salvage a team mate. It is a disservice to the rest of the members of the team and to the offending person not to address the issue.

This is a fact which transcends the size of an organization.

The truth as stated by John C. Maxwell: “Team Work, Makes The Dream Work”.

Mitch Tublin is a business consultant and an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

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Mothers Lead The Way Every Single Day

Mother's Lead The Way Every Single DayThere is no discussion, no question and hopefully no issue that each of us has a Mother. If she has passed on it is my sincere hope you have fond and loving memories of her. If your Mother is alive today my wish for you is that you are able to give her a warm hug and kiss and tell her how much she means to you and that you love her dearly.

The love of a Mother for her children is never questioned. There is an assumption based upon actions, that a Mother would do almost anything for her children. The majority of children, at some point, do recognize this devotion by their Mom to them. A child will stand up for and protect their Mother. When a Mother is in need the child will give up almost anything to be there and to help out.

One story which comes to mind is about Kevin Ollie who became the UCONN Men’s Basketball Coach following in the footsteps of the Hall Of Fame Coach Jim Calhoun.

In 2014 when the UCONN Men’s Basketball Team ultimately won the NCAA Championship, Kevin Ollie’s Mom was battling Stage Two Breast Cancer and later diagnosed with lung cancer as well. Her initial reaction was to not let Kevin know the full story as ‘he already had enough on his plate’. It did not take Kevin long to learn the whole story.

He became very involved in his Mom’s treatment and care while his team was in the midst of a magical season. Together their faith and prayer became a continued aspect of their time together as it always had been. Kevin grew up in Los Angeles where it would have been easy for him to have been taken in by another choice or two which would have lead him down a different path than he is on right now. It was Dorothy, his Mom, who kept him on the straight and narrow to guide him and keep him focused on what he needed to focus on.

As we pay tribute to our Mothers let us all remember who taught us our first real lesson in Leadership. A lesson we all would do well to keep at the top of our minds.

John C. Maxwell says, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. ” Thank you to all the Moms who are our first exposure to True Leadership.

Mitch Tublin is a business consultant, executive coach and professional speaker who resides in Stamford, CT.

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Are You A Giver Or A Taker?

giver-or-takerThere are two types of people. There are Givers and there are Takers.

Feel free to go right to the comments area and let us know which you are and why.

Here is the thing – How you do anything, is how you do everything.

In our time here on earth we have multiple aspects to our lives and in our interactions with other people. My name for this is The Compass of Life™.  We have our career, our family, our social, our health, our spiritual, our educational to name some of the main areas.

Would you say you are a Giver or a Taker for each area?

Take a moment and grade yourself. Seriously consider how you act and what your behavior is like. Are you a Giver or are you a Taker? As you move through this process how do you feel about yourself?

For example – if you are certain you are a Giver, do you ever feel you wish someone gave more to you? Do you ever feel “I love to give, but when do I get?”

For example – if you are noticing you are a Taker, do you ever feel you wish you took more or that you are owed more than you take? Do you ever feel “They owe me more.”

Consider these two statements and consider which statement you identify more with.

A. “You know you can’t take it with you, so I am going to have a great time and spend everything.”

B. “For every single dollar I earn I give at least ten percent to charity immediately.”

This is not an article about judgment. It is not for me to judge you or anyone other than myself. As a side note, are we not the harshest critics of ourselves when we really take a deep look inside ourselves?

The real question to consider is this one – If everyone is a Taker, who will be the Giver?

While – Everyone may be a Giver and everyone may be open and receive.

Think through these concepts and consider how might these play out in dealing with your customers, your staff, your co-workers, your family, the barista at Starbucks and anyone else you may come into contact with once or multiple times each and every day.

One closing thought – if you have an idea or a concept – if you have song to sing or a book to write – and you do not act on these – you do nothing with any of it – the idea, the concept, the song, the book, they die with you. Are you a Giver? OR are you a Taker?

Mitch Tublin is a business consultant, executive coach and professional speaker who resides in Stamford, CT. 

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‘Paleo-ing’ Your Business and Career Is the Key Ingredient for Your Success

Dr. Patty AnnBy Dr. Patty Ann – www.drpattyann.com
This article was featured on Huffington Post

Eating “paleo” refers to consuming foods eaten by man during the Paleolithic Era, i.e., meat, vegetables, fruits, sugars and other natural foods found in nature. All processed foods are considered a “no no” and are banished from your diet.

This back to basic approach of consuming only foods found in nature has been embraced by millions of people and is currently all the rage. Of course, like many things, the paleo way of eating is not without its controversy due to its ban on white flour and many of our other beloved carbohydrate filled comfort foods such as cookies, bread, cakes, etc.; nevertheless, many nutritional experts applaud it as a common sense approach to healthy eating.

So what could paleo eating and success in your business and career possibly have in common?

Actually – pretty much everything. Approaching your career/business from a back to basic, natural common sense approach is vital to your success. Yes, professional knowledge and modern technology will also key components to your success – make no mistake about it – all the latest and greatest gadgets and technological advances will be absolutely meaningless if you lose sight of what is at the very heart of your business/career – and that is your client – and your ability to build a healthy trusting relationship with them! As Stephen Covey said: All Success Begins With Relationships! 

Following are 3 “paleo-like” ways to nurture the core of your success on a daily basis – and it is much more about who you are than about what you know.

1. Authenticity – whatever you do – it is imperative you are authentic and genuine. Show up in a real and genuine way. Don’t fake being anything you aren’t because it will only be a matter of time before you are exposed for whom you really are -and your lack of authenticity will come back to haunt you in both obvious and not so obvious ways!

2. Collaborate with others. Although you alone are responsible for meeting your professional objectives and ultimately – your success; it is imperative you remember it is NOT all about you! Collaborate with others and remember that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

3. Character and Integrity must be an integral part of not only what you do- but who you really are! The golden rule applies here: i.e., treat others with the same respect and courtesy that you would like to be treated with. Not only will this make you likeable (and yes, it matters a lot if people like you), it will help you build a positive rapport with others. Approaching every aspect of your life with character and integrity provides you with the added benefit of building authentic relationships based on trust. No one wants to do business with anyone they don’t trust!

In the final analysis, we are all ultimately responsible for our own success; however, no one has ever achieved success on their own. Therefore, as Paleolithic man survived by eating natural foods, so to will your business and career not only survive – but also thrive – if you show up in a genuine manner, collaborate and help others without worrying about what’s in it for you – and live your life with the utmost integrity and character. Because when all is said and done – the good guy – and gal – will prevail!

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Your Time Spent Networking Is Valuable

time-spent-networkingTime is one of our most valuable and not replaceable aspects of our lives. You either utilize your time constructively and with purpose or you do not. In either case once the time is passed it is gone. When you attend a networking event how do you judge if your time spent attending the networking event was a successful use of your time? 

Let’s take a look at three people who spoke with me after a networking event we all attended. The event was an intentionally intimate, small gathering with 24 attendees. The meeting was for 90 minutes.  Plenty of time to have a meeting agenda and network effectively with a group this size.

The first person we will review is Peter. He is in his mid-twenties and he works for a large wealth management firm in the area. Peter basically said the networking meeting was the worst one he ever attended. He was immediately thrown off guard when everyone was asked to turn off their smart phones. He did not understand why the phones could not be silenced or placed on vibrate. Why did they have to be turned off? The next item which upset him was the obvious age difference. He was certain he was the youngest person in the room by a good fifteen years or more. Peter felt he had nothing to talk about with anyone.

The next person we will review is Lisa. Lisa is in her early forties and she works in Commercial Real Estate leasing and rentals.  She found the group to be the perfect target clients for her business so she started to pitch every single person she met with her portfolio of available office space. Lisa asked each person she met almost immediately where their office was located, how many square feet they had, what they were paying, and when their lease was up. At the end of the meeting Lisa told me she was very annoyed. This was her target client group and not one person agreed to set up an appointment to look at alternative office space with her.

The final person we will review is Barbara. Barbara is in her mid fifties. She is an attorney with a specialty in estates and trusts and works in her own practice. Barbara says she is a student of networking. At the conclusion of the event she was beaming. Four people had already set up appointments with her to meet one on one in order to discuss how they might be able to help each other. Four other people agreed to either email or call each other in order to set up an appointment to meet one on one. Barbara was ecstatic with her results! One third of the room were already going to meet with her and walking into the room she only knew one person in advance.

In summary, what do we learn from these real life reviews after a networking event?

First is to have an open mind and be yourself. Recognize that you are there to connect with people and not to utilize your smart phone and ignore the people right there next to you or across the table from you.

Second is the objective of networking is to create relationships. It is not to pitch and sell directly to the people you are first meeting. It is a turn off.

Third is to have conversations with as many people as possible and have as an objective to make appointments to meet one on one to connect with each other at another time. This will permit the relationship to build and to offer to understand how to help each other in their businesses.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.