Football Shows You How to Run a Business Built for Success, It’s Not a Sports Story

Business SuccessYou may be a sports fan or not. Either way, you can’t miss the videos, replays and photos of the football field at this time of year. You can’t miss the news stories, the game statistics, the win loss record and second-guessing of the coach’s decisions by fans.

Regardless of what level of play, there is one aspect throughout football which is worth exploring here. Let’s begin with a few basic concepts. In the game itself, a team may take four times to go ten yards and then they are rewarded with a first down. They may continue in this manner and move all the way down the field. Typically this is done in three times and if not going the ten yards for a first down, the team kicks (punts) the ball to the other team. During any of these three times, the team with the ball may go all the way down the field and score. Each of the three or four plays or attempts to reach a first down must be started within a certain amount of time.

Not to go into the rules of football much past this point, but isn’t this just how you should set up your goals for your business? Small attainable steps, with an element of time to reach them, which when all put into place, lead to a larger goal to be achieved? The fact is that the game is based upon moving up and down the field by attaining yards and first downs. Football is heaven for statistically minded people. There are the statistics for the one single game. The statistics for within the one game, such as one quarter of play, one half of play and more. There are the statistics of multiple games and categories. What is the point of all of this for football? To create accountability and see where the team needs to improve, and how they are doing in different aspects of the game. 

Translate this to your business. What type of tracking do you have set up to measure how you are progressing? Have you set up methods to easily track and see how you are progressing on your short-term goals? How about your long-range goals? How are these being tracked? How often are the results reviewed to determine if course corrections need to be made? Are the parameters able to be summarized into an annual or quarterly graph or other display to read the movement(s)?

The creation of accountability and measurement, and reacting to the reality of the direction these reflect, will go a long way to creating a business built for success. Isn’t it time to set up methods of tracking your business goals, projects and direction? Contact Mitch Tublin today, or call 877-907-8223.

2012 Olympic Games Makes Team or Individual Choice Important

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Business Succes

When we consider our business and taking our business to great success, we must understand and recognize where we are operating at our most effective. Are we more team oriented or individually oriented? Are we creating the environment for our business which matches this response? It is a balancing act. Unless you are an individual business owner with no one else on your team and you are the one who does everything. The majority of us have some type of team either in person, virtual, or works in a business with other people.

Take this a step or two further and look into the why. Why are you more comfortable working in a team environment? If you are operating more effectively and more comfortably in a team environment, and you are not currently working in a team environment, you need to create or find a team environment to work in.

When you conduct the review process you might find there are one or two small items you miss about working in a team environment. If this is the case you will want to recreate these processes.

For example: If you miss having the ability to run ideas and concepts by other members of your team, it is quite possible you will be able to replace this interaction by signing up for and participating in a Mastermind Group which meets regularly.

On the other side of the coin is the analysis of the individual performer. You may do your best work working alone and with no team interaction, no boss and no one to answer to. If this is your situation, you will want to be certain that your work environment meets this need for you. A word of caution here is necessary. If you look at the successful, medal winning Olympic athletes who are individual performers, they each have a coach and a support staff behind them. It is a lonely road working all alone. You will always assume you have the right answers with no one to offer another opinion, whether it is positive or negative, toward your solution. There is nothing like that second set of eyes to assist the individual performer in achieving their goal of success.

Are you ready to work your best in your best environment?

Figure out your best work environment and implement it by contacting Mitch Tublin today. Email or call 877-907-8223.

Miami Dolphins Wide Out Brandon Marshall Stabbed!

Miami Dolphins Wide Out Brandon Marshall Stabbed! Now that is one way to get his attention. How do you get your own attention when it comes to your own business?

You begin your day each and every day and you painstakingly work in your craft. You know better than anyone else what you are really great at doing and what you love to do. Then there is the other stuff. There are some tasks, work, stuff, you are just not that good at and frankly you do not really want to do these things, whatever they may be.

Business Leaders know when and where to obtain help from others.

Successful people take these actions really quickly.

A few examples for self – employed people :

  • if you are not technically oriented, are you developing a business plan which is doomed to failure and delay because you do not know what to do and you will need to figure out what to do? MMMmmm? This seems to be flawed logic, doesn’t it?
  • if you know you want to create a marketing campaign, however, you are not a marketing expert and you have never really marketed your business before, why do you think you are the right person to develop your marketing campaign without expert assistance or better yet, hire an expert to develop and run your marketing campaign for you?

When you are running your own business you must look at yourself and what you bring to the table and compare this to where you want to take your business and how quickly. For every single area where you are not the right person for the job you need to obtain the right person for the job.

Huh? I don’t have enough money to hire forty people Mitch!

Wah, Wah, Wah! Grab a tissue or two.

Here is the task, make the list up.

What do you do? Make a list.

What do you need help with? Make a list.

On the ‘get help with’ side create some areas of prioritization.

What really needs to get done first, before anything else? Make your way through your list.

The point here is this, slice up your long list into smaller items which are easier for you to manage and see where you are able to obtain help. Create an order to your items so you are not running all over the place or worse hiring in people you do not need yet because you are not ready for that stage yet. This is not about cutting right into a list of items or just taking a stab at one or two items you might be interested in as a hobby.

A Professional Sports Team hires trainers to work with the athletes on their weight training program. Many athletes hire their own nutritionist to create a meal plan to optimize their fuel intake toward the goals of their workout program and the type of athlete they are. One area missing from all of these Professional Sports Programs is the Expert coach to work with these highly paid athletes about their brand, their business, and their relationships. Far too often these aspects are left without being addressed or to others who do not really represent the best interests of the athlete.

Take the time to inspect what you expect of yourself in your business and your life and the payoff will be huge.

If you are ready to really take charge of your business and your life contact Mitch Tublin today

Golf is A Workout or Not?

This last weekend I went over to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls with my son. He is just learning to swing a golf club. Just as in life and in business you need to work on certain things enough in order for you  to do them well. When you work on these things with a coach or a mentor who is there only for your best interests great things happen.
Golf is enjoyable for the people you meet and the ability to get outside and enjoy yourself. Of course hitting the white ball where you want to hit it and in the right hole in the fewest strokes is a reward if you are able to achieve it. Next to us on the driving range was a couple who were clearly ‘real’ golfers. The woman had a 100 ball bucket. She was hitting two spots away from us. Her partner, he had two 100 ball buckets and he was right next to us. Since my son and I had our backs to them and I was watching my son’s swing in front of me – we really did not notice them other then to say hello – at first. When the guy next to us started to warm up with his driver we felt we needed to duck. He was taking these seemingly wide and wild swings to warm up. I started to wish I had my hard hat from my refinery days. Here is the part I want to ask you about. You see after he warmed up – we noticed that – he used his driver club head and his foot to place the golf ball on the rubber practice tee. He repeated this effortlessly
numerous times. So I am trying to understand, golf is a sport and you are out here taking practice swings, and you cannot bend down each time to place the little ball on the rubber practice tee each time? Somebody help me out here?