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Three Ways To Connect With Your Buying Audience

connect-with-audienceIn the previous article, “What is Unique About Your Product or Service Based Business?”, the discussion was about – Why do you market, advertise, write copy, conduct your social media – like everyone else does?

The promise was made to offer more specific tips than the single one given in the article – “Here is one single tip for you to standout and let people know how great your product or service based business is – work with a business coach!”

In order to fulfill my promise and to provide useful information to business owners in the service provider category or product selling business here are three ways to connect with your buying audience.


Begin with this plan in mind, Who are you? What do you offer? Why should I care?

This may take a one to two minute video. You might write out a paragraph to answer each of these questions. It is the classic way to connect with your buying audience.


We all know we need to connect with our buying audience. What better way than to tell stories or share case studies. Select a few stories or case studies in order to broadly touch upon your buying audience without leaving anyone feeling left out. Utilize real people and actual events that took place. Yes, change the names, change the company names, yet allow the facts to portray the reason your service or your product is the one everyone needs right now.


Give it away for free! You read it correctly. Give away a taste, a sample of what you have for free. For the service providers possibly you offer a free meeting or workshop. For the product seller possibly a contest or a give-away you create the rules. There is nothing like getting a taste of what is being provided for free to help a potential buyer decide to become a real buying client or customer.

Here is the best part of these three tips. They do not have to be exclusive! In fact when utilized together in a strategic way constructed by you and your coach they work magic!

Try each of these out for your business and let me know how you make out. Leave your comments and if you have a follow up question an answer will be provided right here for you in the comments area or a future article.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford.



  1. Thanks for these ideas, Mitch.

  2. All great tips, time to implement, Readers!

  3. Great tips, thanks – and I agree that stories are very powerful!

  4. Mitch, I completely agree about both the importance of case studies. Thanks for the reminder as I need to add more updates to my web site on ongoing case studies. Secondly, I love the concept of giving away a “taste” for free. Just this week I offered a free Lunch and Learn for chamber members. You gain goodwill and make great contacts that way.

  5. Good article, Mitch, Clear, simple, and to the point.

  6. Great article, Mitch. I agree that connecting via our stories is powerful. Great tips. Thanks

  7. Great tips — and as you say: mix and match the appropriate idea to the right situation.

    Singer/Songwriter/TV Show Host

  8. Thanks for sharing these different ways to connect.

  9. These are all great tips, Mitch. Connecting is so important when it comes to serving clients.