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Do You Know What You Are Doing?

Stopped in the grocery store to pick up some fresh fruit. By the way, look up JJ Virgin if you want some great tips on eating well and having more energy. In the fruit and veggie section three ladies were speaking about life after their corporate jobs were gone. One of them was bewildered, she kept saying, “I don’t know what I’m doing or where I need to be. I mean my life was in my blackberry and they made me turn it in! I asked if I could just buy it from them and they said no? Everything was in that blackberry! I just don’t know what I’m doing?” So here are a few items to consider: first – what is your plan B? Do you keep everything in your Blackberry? What if it is lost, stolen or breaks? What is your plan B? second – this is just contacts and calendars. This is important of course. what is missing are the goal setting and planning tools. Where do you keep track of your goals, time to complete the steps to achieve the goal and then the goal itself. You should schedule your celebration of completing your goal equivalent to the level of work and size of the goal. What are your thoughts?