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Do You Measure Yours?

Do you measure yours?Seriously, do you measure yours?

Measuring and comparing are essential to moving up, growing and becoming more successful. One example my coaching clients often hear from me when they respond to my question: “And when will you start this…?”

With the answer: “One day soon.” OR “One day next week.”

“Really? Take a second and show me on your watch where it says, one day soon or one day next week? How about a specific date, and a specific time?”

Basically if you cannot measure it – it didn’t happen! If you are not able to measure it – you will not make it happen and no one is able to hold you accountable! Seriously, do you measure yours?

How many meetings have been ended where action items were not assigned to anyone? Or even if action items were assigned to people no one was assigned to hold each person accountable. Plus the date and time for execution was not part of the assignment either?

This is the difference between a meeting taking place to fill up calendar space and a top notch, first class meeting taking place! Therefore the question is: Do you measure yours?

  • Do you measure your actual results?
  • Do you measure how you spend your time?
  • Do you measure what your time is worth?
  • Do you measure what you actually earned per hour for the first quarter of 2016?
  • Do you measure your time better spent and available to be utilized on higher payoff activities?
  • Do you measure how many people you typically must call on or contact in order to obtain an appointment? A signed deal? A signed check?
  • Do you measure the results you are achieving this year compared to last year?

Okay a small reprieve to permit some recovery time, like in spin class, a little rest.

Doesn’t everyone look at the number of people someone has on their LinkedIn profile when they are checking them out? How about on Facebook or other social media? This is measuring – isn’t it? Now you know your numbers for your social media platforms – right? Oh, by the way, the break is over.

What are your conversion numbers from your social media presence? In terms of engagement and moving into your web site or customer relationship category.

All of this is measuring yours!

Start to assess what metrics will provide you with the information to assist you in obtaining the results you desire.

If this sounds too daunting of a task – begin with your time. Track your time and what you are doing with it. Begin here for a month – track and record what you are doing every fifteen minutes of each and every single day.

At the end of each week color code your time against high payoff activities or time spent on things only you must do and no one else is capable of doing. For everything else either hire in someone to do these items, stop doing them and replace your newly found time with high payoff activities.

Measuring yours is a critical part of becoming great at what you do and may be applied to teams and groups as well.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified coach, business consultant and speaker based in Stamford, CT.


  1. Dear Mitch,
    I enjoyed your blog on time and productivity! I’ve been doing this exercise for years and appreciate you writing on the subject. It’s a valuable exercise and one that makes a positive impact on the potential success of a company.
    Hope we can schedule a meeting one day soon! Many thanks!

  2. Excellent article, Mitch. I appreciate your thoughts on measuring progress. HOW we measure and WHAT we measure is key. So many people are tied to the number of followers, etc… but that doesn’t mean money in your account.