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Do You Take Action?

There is something about taking action that stirs things up. Yet often, the taking action part, does not happen at all or if it does, it is not soon enough.

There is a story in an email going around, maybe you saw it, where Jack Canfield refers to his speaking engagements where he is standing on the stage with a $100 bill in an outstretched hand. “Who wants this?” He asks the audience. Many people raise their hands. At some point a person from the audience gets up on the stage and takes the $100 bill from his hand. The person from the audience took action.

My question is what stopped everyone else from taking this specific action? Was it a behavior model drilled into their heads for years – “No, No, No – you don’t get up in the middle of a show or presentation and go up on the stage!” What was the reason? Would you have stood up and gone up to Jack Canfield on the stage and taken the $100 bill from his outstretched hand? Write your comment in the comments section.

Please do not scoff at the notion that we were not brainwashed to some extent in our younger days. Of course much of what many of us were taught turned us into good citizens.

phone booth“Respect your elders.”

“Help those in need.”

“Give up your seat to a pregnant woman.”

However, some other often heard statements, upon reflection, make me wonder?

“The Early bird gets the worm?”

“Good things come to those who wait?”

“Speak when spoken to?”

“Always carry some change with you for the pay phone?”  (Do these even exist anymore?)

How about you? Were there certain phrases or often heard statements which you may need to consider over-coming the impression they made upon you?

Positive Affirmations are a great way to overcome negative thoughts or past ideas in our heads. Read this article on creating Positive Affirmations. Another way to stir up activity and move past lingering negativity is to take action. Even the action of setting one or two goals would be a great step. Write the goal or goals out on index cards and have these with you all day.

Enter these goals on your laptop, send the goal or goals to yourself in an email. Place a date and a time next to each of the goals for when you are going to achieve it. Tell others you know about your goal or goals and why it is important to you and when you are going to achieve them. You might be able to tell there is much more to come in terms of goal setting and attaining goals. The point is, it starts with taking the action!

Is there something you should be taking action on and you have not? Why not? Let’s go!

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

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  1. I don’t agree with this type of “action provoking.” The first time it’s done is unique and the lesson is learned, but what is it really teaching us? I’ve seen other speakers do the same exercise and audience members trample each other and rush the stage not thinking of anyone’s safety only their own gain. selfish action with disregard for consequences? I’m not a fan of this method of teaching the lesson to take action. How is this different than someone saying, “I want that shirt in the store, so I’m going to walk up and take it because Jack Canfield told me I should take what I want.” Nope, not on board with this one!

    • Mitch Tublin Business Success Coach says

      Jessica, always appreciate your comments – however – please do not let the example used sidetrack you off of the topic. The topic is why do some people take action and why do others not take action? Between me and you, Jack Canfield, well let’s you and I take this one offline…

  2. I’m with Jessica about these tactics taught at seminars – however as you point out Mitch they do raise a good point. I read recently in a neuroscience article that it comes down to the first 20 seconds- if we resist in the first 20 seconds we won’t get up (a bit like this video of the dancing guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW8amMCVAJQ ) so for me it’s all about how can we train our brain to say yes to action and not maybe!

  3. Mitch, I love the positive affirmations! My parents said them to me and I attempt to say them to my son as well.

  4. I’m not down with taking what you want in an aggressive way but I’m totally down with ASKING for what you want AND for keeping yourself motivated and moving toward what you want. In my experience lots of people need to be bolder with the asking and the action.