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Does your marketing represent you and your business properly?

MarketingThe marketing methods we utilize for our business are making a statement about the business we run. If you are sending out multiple emails every single day in addition to multiple social media statements and all of these are sales oriented, your customer has a view of you and your business. If this is the intent and this fits your business model it is your choice. If you are following a formula or a program and have not considered the view of your potential customers, this may be a problem. The point is let’s be wise enough to recognize our marketing may be the first impression a potential client or customer has of us. Another approach might be more well suited which we might categorize as relationship building marketing. Offer value in your emails and social media in a seven to one ratio. One time in seven you would clearly be selling a product or a service.

It is not to say you cannot frame up what you will be selling in the other seven emails or posts by reference. The point is, don’t always outright and solely sell in every single email and social media post. This same exact strategy works in personal and networking settings as well. How many of us have played golf with that one person who is constantly speaking about the deals and why we need what it is he is selling? For the entire eighteen holes there is a running testimonial and commercial for his business.

A similar marketing error is too stretch the truth. Of course outright lies would be illegal, however, there are instances where business owners stretch the truth. What does this mean? Let’s take a clear and easy example – online dating. It has been said that there are men who borrow a photo from a friend or utilize their own photo, from thirty years ago. They describe themselves as athletic, full of energy and outgoing. What happens when these men meet their dream date in person? Reality hits. They are actually balding, overweight, fairly short and want to go to a local restaurant for the early bird discount dinner. This relationship is going no where. It is a non-starter as it was started with a dishonest marketing plan.

When we are marketing our business we are not only representing our business, we are beginning what we hope to become a long term relationship with a customer. Bottom-line, show your marketing plans to your trusted advisers and see what they have to say before you just jump in and start waving your arms.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.