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Must You Run a Gold Medal Business to Run a Business Built for Success

The International, four year love fest, The Olympic Games concluded Sunday. The major broadcaster online and on USA TV was NBC. Virtually everything was on tape delay. My son called it ‘fake’ drama as we knew the results already for almost every event, yet we still wanted to watch the event in the evening when we had the time to enjoy it. We skipped the final grand finale as we felt abused by the tape delay forcing us to watch a program, although commercial free, that we had no interest in to then see folks play music at midnight.

For the athletes who were still present for the closing ceremony, (there seemed to be many who remained in London to enjoy it) do you think they all felt proud to be a participant, to be an Olympic Athlete? Or just the Gold medal winners felt that way? The TV coverage really spends most of their time speaking about the medal winners and the rest of the field is really not part of the story line.

Do you recall the day when you started your business? The idea stage, the formulation, your first client or sale – Consider where you are now with your business, company or organization. Are you and your team striving to be the absolute best in your field? Or are you instead spending your time and effort providing the best product or service for your clients and customers?

You might not recognize the two do not necessarily go hand in hand. The point here is, what is the driving mission and vision for you and your company? Is this a topic which is discussed often enough to where it is part of the culture of your business? Where everyone understands and fully buys into the mission and vision of the organization?

In order to clarify and avoid any confusion – your business might be providing a service which is provided on a national level by a much larger organization. This national organization is considered the best in the business and annually wins awards which say they are. However, on a local and regional level your business may provide the best customer and client service and interaction and your loyal following would never dream of working with the large national organization. This same story line would work for a retail or sale of a product type of business.

Your business mission and vision statement may never include any interest or intention of growing to become a large national organization. This does not mean in any way, shape, or form you are not running a very successful business! Focus on what matters most to these and you will achieve the desired outcome.

The development of your business built for success sits squarely on you and your dreams and desires for your company.

Are you ready to build out your successful mission and vision statements for your company and bring these out to your team? Contact Mitch Tublin today – info@easysmallbusinesssolutions.com.


  1. Hey Mitch… I so agree. I think that many business owners are so “busy” doing that they don’t step back to develop a mission statement and really identify their vision. Good point…

  2. The mission statement really should be the overarching thing from which everything flows in business. I agree with you, it’s so core.

  3. Hi Mitch,

    Great point. Never compare yourself to others who may have totally different vision for their business. Your business needs to suit who you are and that can only come from within.

  4. Mitch,

    Vision and mission are so important and they MUST be based on values in order to truly succeed, Way to get people thinking about what is really important so they can go for the gold in their businesses. 🙂

    Write on!~

    Lisa Manyon

  5. The longer I am in business…over 22 years now…I realize that business owners who clearly define their “why” have that stay put factor vs. those that do not.

    Kiyla Fenell

  6. You are so right! I’ve noticed that the business owners who have a vision and have a clear mission that guides the growth and actions in their business are more than those who just live in the daily doing, taking action willy-nilly. A mission statement for example isn’t just something you write once and shelve. It is something you must live by in business.

    I’ve noticed that

  7. Great point Mitch! Whether someone runs a business all by himself or has a team in place, your company’s why will keep everybody going through the good times as well as the tough times. I advice my clients to revisit these documents on a regular basis and make sure they become part of day-to-day business.

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