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Have You Done Any Thinking?

ThinkingWhen is the last time you just picked up yourself or you along with your family, and just went on an unplanned trip for a few days or a long weekend? Studies reflect that people will spend more time planning a brief trip than to stop and think. Yes, that is correct, to think. In the world we live in today it is more than the electronic devices. It is more than the expectation that we are reachable within minutes. It is as if we are not satisfied unless we are occupied and in motion at all times.

We need to create time and space for us to effectively think. John C. Maxwell told me he has a writing chair. It is located in a specific room where he and his wife live. Surrounded by various items of inspiration and comfort it is a place where he will find himself possibly at 3:00 AM if he cannot sleep. When he goes there and sits in his writing chair, he writes. Is it possible we each need a thinking chair?

Here are a few quotes on thinking, to think about:

“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.”
–          Mahatma Ghandi

“She that fails to command her thoughts will soon lose command of her actions.”
–          Unknown

“People mistakenly assume that their thinking is done by their head, it is actually done by their heart which first dictates the conclusion, then commands the head to provide the reasoning that will defend it.”
–          Anthony de Mello

“What we think, we become.”
–          Buddha

The ability to think is not something only the wealthy may do. It is not a male or female only attribute. The depth of the thinking may depend upon your age; however, the process of thinking may be done by anyone of any age. My suggestion is to set aside a period of 45 minutes each month, for three months. Place this in your calendar as if it is the work you are doing with your best client. See how this works out.

You may decide to extend this experiment into six months or a year. You may determine you need a second day each month. You may decide you require more time than 45 minutes. This is an experiment, so experiment! Write out what you are thinking in long hand, so obtain a journal and write your thoughts in there. Place the date at the start of each of these appointments to think.

This habit may become one of your productive periods of time that you spend just thinking!

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


  1. The ability to think and reason used to be taught in schools but no longer is. Thinking leads to problem-solving. Critical thinking is key to leadership. Time alone fosters the thinking habit.

  2. Many people seem to feel that productivity means going full steam 100% of the time. I’ve often found that taking a break, taking that time to “think it over” often helps me to be more productive in the long run.

  3. Who needs to think when the internet has all the answers… ummm I see your point. That’s exactly what’s wrong with society today. Instead of reaching for your smart phone to get an immediate answer of something you know, just stop and think about it. It will come to you. I’m going to think about that for a while…

  4. This is great and yes, important! I think best when I’m out in nature and I do set aside plenty of time for this

  5. Mitch,
    I love this post. Thinking is a BIG part of my process for designing my life and business to fully support me.

    This quote really spoke to me, too. “She that fails to command her thoughts will soon lose command of her actions.”
    – Unknown

    Write on!~
    Lisa Manyon

  6. I love your suggestion, Mitch. I always make time to sit down and write down my thoughts. I’m a very tactical person so it really helps me to process. But one thing I cannot give up is my alone time that I use just to sit and think.

  7. Wonderful idea Mitch and you are so right. We have to schedule thinking time!