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Honey I’m Falling and I Can’t Get Up

Ever have that feeling that you are spiraling in a downward spin and just cannot get it to stop?  Let’s back track a bit to a time before you felt this way.

Do you attend networking events? Do you network?

At this point, we must address anyone who may have said ‘no’ to both questions.
It does not matter what your business is, you are networking or exposed to a networking opportunity every single day, multiple times a day, unless you live in a cave.

Networking is simply meeting people. You meet, and you engage in a conversation.

You offer to learn how you might be of service to the person you are speaking with. If the ‘be of service’ wording blows your mind, than think, ‘help this person achieve their goals for no other purpose than to be helpful’. Are you still with me? Networking is really nothing more than this exact definition. There are more formal networking events and less formal networking events. Just keep in mind the definition above and you will always be memorable and a great networker.

An additional item for you to add to your networking skill set, which as shocking as it sounds  99% of all ‘networkers’ forget to do, is to follow up. Follow up with the people you meet. Confirm you understood how you might be able to help them.
Make the connection or the introduction for them. Follow up that the two parties connected.

You know you want to obtain more customers, more clients, sell more and grow your business. This is the same agenda for everyone else who is in a business. The way to differentiate yourself is to give. Offer to become the connector. Become the hub.
Be memorable. Be the person who when people say “I need to meet someone who…”
everyone points to you and says “Oh just ask, connector over there, she knows everyone.”

You may be thinking now, “Okay, so how do I get business out of this?”
The answer is to give it time. Keep acting this way and strive to live this way.
You will begin to see the referrals soon enough. If you should have a time of need where you are spiraling in a downward spin, you may just find your network will be there to pick you up.

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  1. Mitch,

    Follow up is so crucial. What a great reminder. It seems so simple it kind of makes you wonder why more people don’t do it…

    Write on!~


  2. By coincidence, I’ve been writing a lot lately myself about follow-through, consistency, and commitment. You’re right on the mark that these are critical for business success as well as success in life.

  3. Follow-up IS so important! Thanks for the reminder, Mitch! Xo, Katherine.

  4. Yup, the magic is in the follow-up. And we so often don’t know where a connection might lead. That’s the fun of it. Stay open and curious and explore!

    • Mitch Tublin Business Strategist says

      Know what you mean! I am not much on the ‘magic’ I do get your point though. Too many people really are looking for the magical solutions.
      They do not exist. The positive side is ‘following up’ is really so easy!

  5. Mitch – Brilliant! Follow up has been the key to some of my most lucrative client relationships – it is so critical. And frankly by following up when no one else does, you already stand out from the crowd. I also love that you mentioned being a connector. Helping others connect to people that will help them and raise them up is one of the best gifts you can give!

    Jennifer Bourn, Bourn Creative

    • Mitch Tublin Business Strategist says

      Same wavelength! Being a connector and following up are both my favorite actions while networking. Similar to you, some of my best and
      high performing clients have become clients through this process.

  6. Mitch
    Love the “be the connector” tip – I love doing it! It also is a form of “giving” and giving/donating results in a feel-good endorphin boost! so you get to feel good and so does the other person!

    • Mitch Tublin Business Strategist says

      Really one of those everyone WINS activities. You said it.
      You feel good. Each of the other two feel good. We have done a
      good thing. A true win-win-win.