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Instead of Occupy Wall Street – Let’s All Do Something Positive Now

If you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur or you are part of a large organization, you have the ability to make a difference today. Yes, YOU! Is there a specific cause or charity you feel is doing some good in the world or in your local community?

Give something to them. Donate any amount of money.

Then go online to your email list or on social media and tell everyone why you are donating to this charity. Explain briefly what they do and why this makes a difference. Say why you care and why you gave money to them. Right now as soon as you read this article please donate to the charity you care about.

There has been so much news about Occupy Wall Street. Let’s not get into a discussion on one side or another regarding this topic. The point is the media is not treating this movement or the coverage as a ‘feel good’ or ‘do good’ event. May we all do one thing right now that will have a positive impact? Let’s all do something positive right now!

This is not a spoof. This is not a chain letter. This is not a game.

This is a call to action. You are asked to pass this article on to at least ten of your friends or contacts. This is about making a difference. Let’s create our own movement today.

Let’s see if we are able to make a difference in the world in some small way.

We will be doing the same thing ourselves. Two checks will be sent out and then we will post our stories online.

Think of how easy this is to do. Contribute some amount of money to your charity of your choice. You do not have to disclose how much you gave. Then go online and either email or post to social media. This is all so easy! Then just pass on this article to at least ten friends or contacts.

The usual content of this newsletter is about leadership, business strategy, and other topics of importance to business owners or those in business. Today there is one purpose of this newsletter, to make a difference.

God Bless.

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  1. I agree with you about positive action. We adopt a child every year through Angel Tree and do Christmas for that child. Positive action moves people forward and extends a hand. It’s hard to argue with that.

  2. Mitch Tublin Business Strategist says

    What a wonderful thing to do each year.

  3. Mitch – you hit the mail on the head. you don’t have to do something huge or get a ton of media exposure … just taking action in the smallest way to help another makes a difference.

    Jennifer Bourn, Bourn Creative

  4. Amen to that Mitch! Every bit counts. I’ve found http://www.dermalogica.com/fite to be easy to do and very rewarding.