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Is Productivity In Your Vocabulary?

post-it-noteSomething needs to be done. It must be completed. You started it and now you must finish it. What does it take for you to get it done?

Let’s back up a bit. Let’s take a look at something personal. And let’s take a look at something related to business.

You have always wanted to learn another language. For example – Mandarin or Spanish – how long would this take you to accomplish? How much effort would you place upon achieving this personal goal?

Maybe you need to touch and feel the personal project. For example – your garage has become unmanageable. There are so many boxes and items in the garage you cannot pull a vehicle into it. The project is to clean it out completely. How long would this take you to accomplish? How much effort would you place upon completing this project?

In your business or job there is a project which needs to be outlined – described in detail – written up with an estimated budget. When it was passed over to you for your part last week you were told there was no rush. You know it must be done. How long would this take you to complete? How much effort would you place upon completing this project?

Maybe you are the leader of the project? Same questions for you?

Every single one of us has the same 24 hours each and every day. How we choose to spend our time is where everyone creates their own path.

Generally how would other people, who know you, describe you? Would you be described as a workaholic? A Go-Getter? A person on a mission? A procrastinator?

Do you consider yourself a productive person?

Here are a few ways to make certain each project stays on track and is completed.

The first item is as much as possible complete one project before taking on another one. This is where you are doing the work. Complete the work on the garage before you add in clearing the path by the side of the house from weeds which are overgrowing in the garden.

Secondly is write down the project or goal and how much time on what days you will work on the project.

Third is to bring in another person or a group who will hold you accountable.

Keep the record. Review this record before the next project and then compare notes. Are you using your time more effectively and efficiently? Are there more items to list? Absolutely! Why stop here?

Do these three and do them well, consistently and without stalling and you are 90% there.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

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  1. I am the productivity queen. I write down the goal and get it done! I’ve had to write down time into my to do list or I’d produce 24/7!