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Lists Are Not Just Written For Christmas

making-listsWe are creatures of habit. Our habits have been created ever since we began to attend our formal schooling and class work. The day or two before the homework or assignment is due is when the majority of people begin to complete the work. The night or two before the big exam is when the majority of people really begin to study the material.

How do you create your own method of accountability? A way to make certain things which need to be completed are completed and do not fall through the cracks?

Many people are list makers. The 3M Company thanks you! They created the sticky note in all different sizes and colors just for the list makers. These sticky notes have that sliver of glue on the top of one side so the sticky note may be placed just about anywhere to remind the writer of something written on it.

List makers have a point. The research proves that if you are going to purchase items in a store such as for home repairs at Lowe’s, if you go with a list and just purchase what is on your list your time in the store will be more efficient and you will spend less money than if you went to Lowe’s with no list and just relied upon your memory for what items to purchase. The same result for clothes shopping or going to the grocery store. Utilizing a list saves you time and saves you money.

Your list making may take place on the 3M sticky notes, regular paper or on a device. Some people utilize Evernote or Google docs and share their list with others who might wish to interact with the list.

How about personal growth and personal development? Do you have a list for this for yourself? Maybe you need to work on your listening skills? Maybe you offer too freely your advice and opinion and so loudly no one would ever challenge you or tell you to your face what a buffoon you are?

Here is my challenge to you. Right now create your own list of your top ten areas you would like to enhance or develop further for yourself – your own personal growth and development list. Place a check mark next to the top three. Right away – do not overthink this – no you do not need to text anyone to find out which three.

Now place a start date next to each one. Let’s get started on making this happen for you right now!

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


  1. I’ve always been a list builder – I think it paves the way for good project management and self-accountability.

  2. I am a list-o-holic and I have no desire to get treatment. I love lists! I love check marks, I love seeing the word “done” next to an item, I love seeing the green color I highlight my completed items with!

  3. Love a list – I have learnt to make mine shorter and more laser focused in the past few years but without them I am listless LOL!

  4. Mitch, I’m a list maker as well. I guess it goes with being a goal setter. Thanks for the excellent reminder about the top ten ways to develop oneself. Now that’s an important list!

  5. I love lists, they help me stay on task and keep me accountable. Lately I’ve been looking into electronic lists as a way to take it into the cloud with me. Any particular software you like for that?

  6. Great exercise, Mitch. I don’t think I would be able to function without a multitude of lists.

  7. I also use lists and find spreadsheets to be invaluable