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Maria Shriver or Arnold Schwarzenegger who are you more like in your business?

Maria Shriver or Arnold Schwarzenegger,who are you more like in your business?

Unless you are living under a rock, you know something is up in the news with Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can read about it here.

Take a second to consider the question and my point before you lash out at the men in the world who are pigs and dogs.

You see as self employed business owners we have choices and options every single day which will clearly impact our business success.

  • How much of yourself do you publicly permit to be ‘out there’?
  • Do you speak about your private life? How far do you go?

For example – there are a number of business owners who will post photos and videos of their family vacations. AND there are other business owners who do not even let anyone know they are away on vacation, if they are married or if they have children.

So I ask you to assess yourself and your actions in your business. Do you share everything about yourself to your clients, to the world or do you draw a line at…? What and Where is the line? Let us know.


  1. Great questions for people to ask themselves! Definitely something business people need to consider in todays world.