Half Off VIP Day MPC Special



Experience a VIP Full Day or a VIP Half Day With Mitch



For a LIMITED TIME an offer created especially for you.


  • Are you ready to launch into the New Year with your projects planned?
  • Your business strategy set up with exact action steps?
  • Your resources all ready to go?
  • Or More?
  • We will be able to get a whole lot done with your complete and focused one on one time with Mitch.

You may want projects pulled out of your head.  Okay well let’s do it!

I do this all of the time – client after client – working together!

Book a VIP Full Day or VIP Half Day with Mitch now and it’s Half Off!

Yes, for a limited time, until 21Dec2011 at 11:59 PM you may secure an exclusive VIP Full Day Experience or VIP Half Day Experience with Mitch live and in person in Stamford, CT

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You will be able to book your VIP Day between the date of purchase and March. 31, 2012, based upon availability and mutually agreeable scheduling. Everyone will have ample opportunity to schedule their VIP Experience Day. You are encouraged to schedule your VIP Full Day Experience or VIP Half Day Experience in December 2011 or January 2012.






In order to secure your date, your credit card will be charged a $500 deposit fee. This information will be linked to your application. Upon filing your application and submitting you will be asked to process your deposit. This fee will be credited to your cost of the VIP Day. Should your application, for any reason, for a VIP Day with Mitch be denied, which is highly unlikely, your non-refundable deposit of $500 would be credited toward three (3) one hour individually scheduled calls with Mitch.

These calls will be required to be scheduled individually, not consecutively, during the period from purchase date until March 31, 2012. Should these calls not be scheduled during this timeframe, they will expire with no value. Upon approval of your application the payment schedule will be sent to you. Should you require further information or wish to discuss payment plan opportunities, email support@easysmallbusinesssolutions.com

Note – If you wish to share your exclusive VIP Full Day or VIP Half Day with another person you will need to place the exact names, email address and phone numbers in an email to support@easysmallbusinesssolutions.com after your purchase or include that information in the “Comments/Special Delivery Instructions” in the cart. You may need to be contacted for confirmation.

Expiration – your VIP Full Day or VIP Half Day must be booked and utilized before March 31, 2012.  After this date these appointments expire with zero value attached.