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R. Sargent Shriver did he know or have a business strategy

Sargent Shriver 1962

Sargent Shriver 1962

Tuesday, January 18, 2011, R, Sargent Shriver passed away, he was 95 years old. Sargent Shriver was an American peacebuilder, political leader and activist. He was the first leader of the Peace Corps under President John F. Kennedy. The husband of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, he was also a beloved father (excerpt from www.sargentshriver.org)

Let’s not talk politics as this is not the point of this discussion.

This month’s topic for my ezine subscribers is all about business strategy, big picture planning and then bringing this all back to today, and creating action steps and moving forward in your business to become a success. Subscribers have received tips, downloads, tools and resources surrounding this topic.

Here’s a quick exercise to help you out with your business strategy and is an exercise that people who work with me go through. I ask them to write down their wording for their tombstone or their own plaque in the center of the city. It is the “How would you like to be remembered exercise”.

This is the ultimate reality check for some people. They know what they want to write down. And they wonder how this will ever happen, based upon what they do and how they act every single day.

Some of the words I read which were said about R. Sargent Shriver:

“He was a man of great love, energy, enthusiasm and commitment.”

“He lived to make the world a more joyful, faithful, and compassionate place.”

Would he have written these words about himself if he were asked to 45 years to 50 years ago?

Those who knew him would say “Yes, he would have. ”

How about you? Would you care to try this exercise right now and share your written statements with us here in the comment area? If not, at least try the exercise on your own and write it out. Place the written statement somewhere where you will be able to see it and read it often.

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  1. I remember very well reading about the many good works of Shriver over my lifetime. I admired him for his early work with the Peace Corps. Imagine the legacy this man has left in the world. You’re right, Mitch, legacy is something to think about and begin working on, now and each day.

  2. Eric Tublin says

    I worked for Mr. Shriver for seven years at a very formative time in my life. He was a total mensch with a remarkable sense of humor, love of sports, and approachability you rarely find from somebody so accomplished.

    As famous as some of his family members were and are, he spoke of their accomplishments in terms that any proud father (-in-law) and husband would use, never suggesting they were anything other than good people doing the right thing–something each of us could and should be. Unlike some of the other Kennedy siblings and their families, Eunice and Sarge set an example for their children through their actions, sharing values that kept the Shrivers out of the headlines for anything other than their good work.

    With every encounter, I not only felt better about Mr. Shriver, I felt better about myself and others as well. If others could say the same after I’m gone, that’s the best legacy I could ever hope to leave.

    • Mitch Tublin Business Strategist says

      Thank you for your comment, quite fascinating I am certain everyone found your note interesting.

  3. Wow how wonderful to read your post Mitch and Erics response.
    I am also a follower of the work of Robert Greenleaf on servant leadership and believe he sums up what I hope to be remembered for in this lifetime:
    “”The servant-leader is servant first… Becoming a servant-leader begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. That person is sharply different from one who is leader first… The difference manifests itself in the care taken by the servant first to make sure that other people’s highest priority needs are being served. The best test, and the most difficult to administer, is this: Do those served grow as persons? Do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants?”
    Heidi Alexandra – the Living Leader’s Advocate

  4. Business Strategy is one of my favorite topics (next to creative spirituality of course).
    When you have a Business Strategy it is so empowering, it makes every action have purpose.

    • Mitch Tublin Business Strategist says

      Yes, developing the business strategy and going right into the action steps, totally empowering.

  5. Your question is one of those ‘sit up and take notice’ word arrangements Mitch. As an expert question-asker, I know what you mean when you say this one strikes deeply for most people. My legacy is to have led people to discover their true value through living their purpose with passion.

  6. Mitch
    For me these words come to mind…passionate, compassionate, enthusiastic, loved to laugh and have fun, and made a difference

  7. Mitch,
    I appreciate this great example of a man of leadership, wisdom and courage. Thank you for sharing. We need more men like this in the world. He will be missed.
    Dr. Robert Fenell

  8. Mitch,
    This was my favorite post you have written. I am going to write those statements about myself that I want people to say about me once I’m gone. Thank you.
    Kiyla Fenell

    • Mitch Tublin Business Strategist says

      Wow! Thanks, I have some work to do to keep the bar higher.

  9. Mitch,

    I love how you bring the value of life into full focus while stressing the importance of strategic planning and WORDS.

    Write on!~