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Resolutions Without Resolve Will Not Get You Anywhere

Business SuccessDo you typically make a few New Year’s resolutions? It is widely known that over 50% of New Year’s resolutions are broken within the first seven days of the New Year. Another 50% of the remaining resolutions are broken by January 15 – meaning 75% of the brand new and created New Year’s resolutions are broken within the first two weeks and a day into the New Year.

What are we to learn from this information? Is it that most people do not know how to create a meaningful resolution? Is it that there is no accountability process to keep people on track for their resolutions? Are these possible reasons? Yes, of course. The reality is the majority of us – yes, all of us – do not embrace change. People do not embrace change. For change to become of importance the resultant benefit, value, or return on change – the ROC, the return on change – must be clearly defined, processed and internalized.

How can we prove this is true? What if you insist it is an accountability issue, and once accountability is put into place then resolutions will be kept? One example may be taken from one of the most popular personal New Year’s resolutions. This would be to lose weight and to get fit. The numbers speak for themselves. The highest spike in new memberships at health clubs and paid gym membership clubs is the period directly after New Year’s each and every year. Personal Trainers are hired and scheduled out during this period for anywhere from three weeks to three months of training one on one with new clients.

Let’s review – money has been spent which will most likely be charged monthly to a credit card. A personal trainer is paid a deposit or a full payment to meet with the new member for the next three months two or three times a week. Initially people will show up each day or three or four times a week. By the second week, they are skipping more days of working out. The trainer is sitting and waiting for the client and the client does not show up. The accountability is there and built into the system, yet people willingly are paying and simply not showing up.

Take this example now and let’s add in the buy in and the ROC, return on change, for one person. Let us say there was a heart incident. The personal physician for this person explains the life or death potential results unless diet and workout regimens are put into practice. Specific goals with timeframes are established. In this exact scenario more people will build upon their days at the new health club they joined. They will rarely miss an appointment with their personal trainer.

This example may seem dramatic to you. It does prove the point. One item to note, even in the case described, there is a measureable percentage of people who still will not show up! What else is missing?

It is something referenced as PITE, Personal Investment of Time and Effort, in my keynotes and work with clients. A person must be willing to personally invest their time and effort to effectively create change in anything they intend to create lasting change in.

Now consider for yourself, right now, what might you personally need to change? Mitch Tublin is a certified Personal and Executive Coach based in Stamford, CT.



  1. I like that personal investment of time and effort phrase. Useful for personal and business life.

    • Mitch Tublin Business Success Coach says

      Those of us who are running our own business fully understand
      that our time and effort are investments, just like money.

  2. My favorite line of your post is: “A person must be willing to personally invest their time and effort to effectively create change in anything they intend to create lasting change in.” I couldn’t agree more, and tell the same thing to my clients! 🙂

  3. Likewise – great phrase! and interesting stats

    I’d like to add that so many fail with their weight-loss resolutions simply because willpower gets the better of us – so adding in addressing brain chemical imbalances to end cravings and boost motivation etc makes a big difference – and then adding in the coaching/ accountability too and you’ll see success!


    • Mitch Tublin Business Success Coach says

      Yes, this is why I have learned so much from reading your blog too!

  4. “A person must be willing to personally invest their time and effort to effectively create change in anything they intend to create lasting change in.” Such a great reminder what it takes to really achieve goals.

    • Mitch Tublin Business Success Coach says

      See the goal. Write the goal. Own the goal. Take action to achieve the goal.
      The goal will be yours to have.

  5. Change happens in a second, but it may take years to decide to change. What you compared (the New Years Res vs Heart Problems) shows a difference in motivation. People need to figure out what personally motivates them, AND they have to be truthful with themselves in regards to “is this something I really do want to change?” In addition to what Trudy added, I’d like to add what’s also missing in the equation is “the baggage from the past.” Sometimes on the surface someone thinks they want to change, but there is a deeper reason from their past that is sabotaging them.

  6. Change is quite a big subject Mitch and you’ve mentioned several things here that are so important to bring about change….personal investment of time and effort.
    With my work in helping people figure out why there isn’t any better and to finally fix it, it is all about helping them have an undeniably meaningful experience…this really fuels change!

    • Mitch Tublin Business Success Coach says

      A taste of what is to come. Certainly a key motivator.

  7. Wow big thing to tackle human nature – love the concept of ROC, return on change, it can certainly vary from person to person and depending on the importance of the goal we have

  8. Mitch –

    Love the ROC acronym and wonder if you could also use it for “Return on Commitment”…

    How does your equation change based on cost of the service and/or results (like the gym above)?

    I’ve got a client who runs a Crossfit studio and I was floored when he told me what his clients pay each month (about 4-6x the typical gym membership) – and pay happily. I think a key difference is that his clients get REAL results fast.

    Would love to hear your thoughts…


    Phil Dyer
    Chief Visionary | Broughton Advisory

  9. A personal investment of time and effort … yep. That is exactly what is missing from my gym membership. I have it, and I want to go, but I don’t. Making it a priority is my own mindset issue — and choosing to make a personal investment of time and effort.

    Thanks for the reminder Mitch!

    • Mitch Tublin Business Success Coach says

      Just pack the gym bag each night and lay your phone and car keys on top of it.

  10. Oh, this is so timely for me, Mitch! Just today I spoke with a potential client who is looking for a BIG change in a life-long pattern in her life. And, she expects it to come in just a couple little chats. Not going to happen. She was neither willing to invest the time or the effort. It is a shame because her beautiful dream life is close, but it does require a total commitment to the changes on her part. She was shocked when I would not agree to set up just a couple chats. I simply am not interested in working with someone who is not also working for herself. I thrive on working with people who are “all-in.” I love your acronym! Cheers! Katherine.

    • Mitch Tublin Business Success Coach says

      Maybe follow up with a proposal in a box with a magic wand.
      There is no magic wand – your dream life is so close – invest
      the time and the effort and it will be yours forever.

  11. I agree that a person must be willing to invest their time and effort in order to create change. Once they are committed they also need to find the route that works best for them. For instance, I know there is no way in Hades that I will go to an exercise class in the wee hours of the morning twice a week but I will meet a private trainer and work out at home at a time that works for me. I think a lot of people fail because they start out with a plan that isn’t going to work for them, yet they are hoping their will power will be enough to push them through.

    • Mitch Tublin Business Success Coach says

      Absolutely the plan must fit the lifestyle. The flip side is some people
      will not make a change in their current schedule to fit in something
      they need, yet do not want to commit to doing.
      BTW, maybe evening classes?