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The Rest You Need for Business Success

Business SuccessIn the month of August a large portion of the workforce in Europe is on holiday. All month. It is almost impossible to get anyone, at any level, on the phone or to respond to an email. For the majority or the workforce in the US a worker is fortunate to be handed two weeks of vacation, and often is not even able to take their vacation time off.

Largely due to the review process or peer pressure at work, or their own fear of losing their job, people will not even take one full week off from work. Often this way of thinking takes its effect on the entrepreneurial mindset and these individuals feel they may never be unplugged from their business; always on the phone or answering emails while they are on vacation.

Let’s take a step back for a moment. If you analyze your belief system of your work ethic you might agree you want to consistently give 100%. You feel that you always want to be your best.

Is this quest realistic? Don’t you become like the flashlight which had the batteries inside for too long? The light from the flashlight with the batteries in it for too long is a dim light. A complete shutdown for a week, ten days or two weeks would fully rejuvenate and re-energize you. This period would be without a cell phone, email or other means of communication with the business. Think this is not possible? My challenge to you and your organization is, “how is it not part of your culture, your system and your plan?”

There are comparisons where people who are performing at their highest levels are intentionally shut down in order to be able to perform optimally again. Consider the pitcher in the game of baseball. The pitch count has become part of the method to manage a pitcher to keep them able to continue to perform optimally. Each manager and pitcher is unique. Often a starting pitcher who reaches 90 pitches in a game is replaced with another pitcher near that point in the game. This will help to prevent injury and allow a pitcher to recover in order to start their next game. Typically baseball teams operate on a four or five starting pitcher rotation. This permits each pitcher the appropriate rest in between starts.

For anyone who is thinking, “Okay, but this has nothing to do with me, this is about an athlete and resting their muscles and their body.” Really? Really? And your brain is what? A machine?

We agree you intend to work 100 percent. You will deliver your best always. This means you are actively working your mind, your brain and the supporting bodily areas and functions which permit this to take place. The scheduled and complete rest must take place for continued high performance.

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  1. This weekend is a great time to get some “complete rest” as you call it. And I agree, Americans have fairly well lost the art of recreating.

  2. Hi Mitch, I couldn’t agree with you more. The corporate culture has got people so stressed out about missing something and requiring people to be “always on.” The funny thing is that many of these same companies boast about their commitment to work life balance while the underlying tone is that you’d better be working late and responding to email during your vacation or you’re not committed. Kind of a soap box issue for me right now 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is so true, Mitch! And I for one am guilty! I finally took a hot bath last night and had some me-time doing absolutely nothing and wondered why I don’t do this more often!

  4. Mitch
    Great topic and so true! not taking quality time off does hurt you in the long run! I am a big believer in vacation time to renew and regenerate! I just got back from a 3 week trip to Australia and Hawaii and I am a new person!

  5. The topic of resting is such an important one Mitch. Since I have been at fault for not resting enough in my past, I now actually see resting almost like another business or marketing ‘technique’ that improves our performance and production, just as you are saying! Thanks Mitch.

  6. Mitch – You’re absolutely right! I always feel more productive, inspired, creative, motivated, energetic, and brilliant in my business after I’ve taken a break to relax and recharge!