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Single-Minded Determination Will Pay Off

Business DeterminationIf you are in the raw start up mode for your business, or branching out into another division or business unit, it might seem like you are attending your first Little League practice as a youngster. New skills to learn. New terminology. New team mates to work alongside. Accountable to coaches. Much more like that first day of Little League practice than you thought?

The way you get through all of this and other bumps in the road will be to have single-minded determination to reach the goal or goals you have set for yourself. What is that ultimate reason why you wanted to start your own business or create this new division or business unit. If you have team members you want them to catch on to this single-minded determination along with you.

The mindset which you will have with this focus upon the result which is to be achieved will propel you and others through the rough patches which always come with anything new.

What do you mean by single-minded? Let’s be clear about a few things, by way of two examples:

1.  A great chef knows the exact dish or meal which is going to be prepared. All of the ingredients are purchased, selected and ready to go when it is time to cook the dish or meal. No one is running out and getting the peppercorns and then returning to only then have to run out again to purchase the organic eggs. In your business, the direction you wish to take requires a focus and the single-minded thought process on what is necessary to get this done. Then it is necessary to stay on this course and get it done. When working with my clients this is what we call ‘staying on the highway’.

2.  If you are looking for a job or another career switch, at the same time as you are creating your start up, this is not having single-minded determination. You must choose.

Are you looking for a new job or a career switch or are you creating a startup? The same with running a new division or business unit. Are you spending your focus and energy on getting a new position somewhere else or on the task at hand? You must choose.

Let’s not confuse this in anyway with not being able to multitask. This is not at all what is being discussed here. When you are leading the business, you must have single-minded determination to bring it to a successful level.

A side note is people know when you are not. Your co-workers, your customers, your team mates, they all know, they can just tell. So STOP IT! You must choose. Which one is it going to be?

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Mitch. Growing and sustaining a successful business does require a high degree of focus, or as you say, “single-minded determination.” I love that term!

  2. I really like your 2nd point. People who work with me ask me all the time “why isn’t my biz taking off” and many times it’s because it comes last to another job, spouse, kids, parents, etc etc etc. Won’t work.

  3. Great point! stay the course and get it done – I like this too: ‘staying on the highway’.

  4. I like the comparison to the chef who would not be running out for ingredients while cooking. Really makes it your point clear.

  5. So true. Often people want to “remain open to the possibility.” The challenge is that you can’t do everything. Choosing allows you to focus on what’s really important and then hone and improve it.

  6. Great points Mitch – soft diffused light gives and even soft glow but if you want to cut through and go far you have to focus like a laser!!