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Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You…

HabitEveryone one of us has made a mistake at least once. Most of us have made several mistakes. What did we do after we made the mistake? Most importantly, did we learn from the mistake and the events which lead up to the mistake, so that we would not repeat this experience again? Better yet, and then pass on our lesson to others so they do not make the same mistake? You would think the answer is a simple – OF COURSE WE DID!

The reality is this, we humans are creatures of habit. Just look at us, we take the same route to work each day. We probably have the same exact routine each day from what we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Be honest, how many stop off at a local coffee place and the server knows you well enough to pour your exact cup size and style and you have barely said “G’Morning.” Gents consider this for one moment, if you are saying “No, that is not true, I am not a creature of habit.” What foot do you put into your pants leg first? The same foot everyday – which one? Left or Right? Think about it. Every single time – correct?

Due to the fact that we humans are such creatures of habit, we are prone to make the same mistakes by conducting the same steps and reacting to the same conditions in the same way. Unless we consciously make the effort to do something different!

The ability to move forward, to achieve the highest calling of our dreams, will most likely mean we will face failure. How we recover from each failure and keep moving forward or not is the difference between those of us who will achieve our greatest dreams and goals, and those who will not.

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Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


  1. Mitch, I love John Maxwell! My coach is also Maxwell certified. Enjoy!

  2. Sharing information not only helps us reinforce not making the same mistake twice and helping others not make our mistakes, I believe it helps us all grow together. As we share information and learning experiences with others they’ll be more inclined to do the same for us. As the saying goes, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

  3. In yoga we have certain poses that we do the same way every time and when the teacher asks us to cross our legs the opposite way it feels so uncomfortable. We have to challenge our habits, that’s for sure!

  4. I agree with you, changing habits is necessary to make a difference in your life, your biz, your relationships. I believe that most people don’t even realize what creatures of habit we are – sometimes bad habits have to be called out.

  5. If you don’t fall flat on your face every now and then, you aren’t really pushing forward as fully as you can, not really giving 100%.

    Great post!



    Katherine C. H. E.
    Author, Be True Rich

  6. I agree that humans are creatures of habit–I definitely know I am. This can be a great thing sometimes, and sometimes, not so much. Sounds like it was an interesting call.

  7. You’re right – we don’t want to keep making the same mistakes!

  8. Great info, Mitch! And what an inspiring call it was, right?

  9. The key is to keep on keepin’ on even in the face of adversity. Thanks for the resource.
    Write on!~