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Stay in Touch for Success in Your Business

In your daily activities in your work, how do you stay in touch with your goals, your ideal client’s needs, and the purchasing wants of your consumers? Are you open to listening in each of these areas as they apply to your situation, or are you in a routine which is the same virtually every single day?

New experiences offer new insights. Meeting new people in other industries and businesses will offer you a fresh perspective on how you conduct yourself. This absolutely applies to anyone in any business at any level. The only difference would be who the people you are engaging with are, and what are the questions you are asking each other. If you are not interacting this way with people, you are leaving a great and free resource, which is available to you, not being utilized.

Where exactly will this take place?

This is a question asked often when this topic is raised. It is up to you.

What is your personality type and where do you go?

For example: Do you workout at a health club? Is there an interaction between you and any other members? Are you aware of their lives and what business they are in?

Or another example: Is there a conference which is attended by the type of people you would want to interact with? When you attend this conference do you intentionally interact in order to engage in meaningful conversations to mutually assist each other?

Last example: The dreaded “person next to you when flying” conversation. All that will be said about this is, you will never know if you don’t just have the brief conversation. The point of this is you control when and where you engage and speak with people.

Just like in any other activity, you must take the first step and get started. If you climb into your car each day for your drive to the office, then park your car and go directly to your desk. Each and every day you follow this routine and have minimal contact with anyone outside of your direct business requirement. How do you stay in touch with reality? If you work in your home office and follow a similar quiet routine, same question. How do you stay in touch with reality?

The ability to connect with others either as described or in a more formal setting, such as a mastermind group, are invaluable ways to stay connected and keep yourself in touch and motivated.

If you are ready to join a mastermind group, contact Mitch Tublin today. New groups are being formed every month. Email info@mitchtublin.com or call 877-907-8223.


  1. Good points, Mitch!

  2. This is a great reminder Mitch! We could be standing right next to our next ideal client or referral source, but how would we know if we don’t follow your directions to connect! Thanks.

  3. Mitch,

    Being fully engaged and interacting with your ideal clients by asking questions, having clear dialogue and really listening is KEY to connecting.

    Write on!~


  4. As you say, you never know…

    I was frankly shocked at a networking event to have one person at the table say (when it was her turn to share what she did), “Oh, none of you are my target audience, so I won’t bother!” I remember thinking WOW, she just really blew it. I knew for a fact that at least half of the table actually were right in her sweet spot, but she never even bothered to ask OR listen to what we were saying. And, of course, we ALL knew the perfect prospects for her. But, after her comment there was ZERO chance any of us would give an introduction to her.

    Staying grounded in reality by listening is critical!