Tips For Dealing With Severe Cold Weather

Business CoachIn the marketing that we do, our delivery, our programs and everything where we provide information and services to others, do we go too deep too soon?

For Example:

Provided by Mitch Tublin: Tips for Dealing with severe cold weather      

  • Dress in layers. If you start to get too warm, you can remove one layer. Don’t wear cotton next to your skin; it can hold moisture and chill you.
  • Protect your head, hands and feet. In very cold weather, your extremities are more at risk for frostbite.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. You can get dehydrated in the cold as well as the heat. Don’t drink alcohol.
  • If it’s a bright, sunny, snow covered day wear sunscreen.
  • If any area of your body becomes numb or stings, get out of the cold. Don’t rub it. Let it warm on it’s own. If it stays numb, seek medical help.
  • Signs of hypothermia include: intense shivering, slurred speech, loss of coordination and fatigue. Seek emergency help right away if these symptoms occur.
    Source: The Mayo Clinic

How do you feel about this information? Many of the tips are about as basic as it gets. Meanwhile there are one or two items of deeper information provided later on in the Tips. Do you agree? Is this how you read these Tips?

This is an excellent example of how to organize and construct tips or advice. Provide the most basic information you are able to think of and place these early in the delivery. This will connect you with your reader, client or audience. Now as you have brought them  along the path with a few more items of basic information, and essentially have warmed them up you might offer some deeper more thoughtful content. If you do intend to provide deeper and more thoughtful information move these toward the end.

Here is a brief word of caution from me to you. Please do not take this article to mean ‘dumb down my work.’ No it is not my intent to ask you to ‘dumb down your work.’ The point is to offer, to in fact reinforce, the most basic information. At the very least you are building confidence in you since you are showing – “why yes, I know this and this” – and this makes you a trusted resource now in their eyes. They are now prepared to read or hear the more detailed information you may wish to provide.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Have You Created Your Own Home Depot Experience?

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If you have ever gone into a Home Depot, pretty much anywhere, the experience is the same.

There are almost endless rows of items and the ceilings are high as are the stacks of items all the way up to the ceiling.  The ability to find some items is relatively easy.  However, if you need specific advice or something a bit unique or out of the ordinary, you better go during off hours or good luck finding someone to help you out.  The people who know what they need to purchase have typically ordered online, by fax or just know where to go in the store.  They are able to walk the store with the huge carts, dollies and other assorted methods of transporting huge material purchases.

Here is the thing, if you are about to get married, you speak with other people who are already married.  If you are about to have children, you speak with people who have children.  If you are going to purchase a car, you speak with people who have bought a car.

Would you pretty much agree so far with this logic?

  • Who are you speaking with when it comes to your business?

  • Who are you speaking with when you are the CEO and everyone around you has an agenda, where is the real advice going to come from?

Let’s see where the conversation takes us – comment below.

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Where is The Value in the Value Meal?

You see the ads in the fast food industry for the value meal.  The $1 burgers.

The $5 foot long.   I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for.  So would you bring a client you are trying to get to know – to a place to eat where you each order a Value Meal?  Probably Not!

Here is my question: why do you make price the main concern when you seek advice, a coach or a mentor?   My most successful clients know the end game either before we meet or they get it after our initial call.  If you are not willing to make the investment in yourself of time, effort and money how will you achieve your goals?   Let me know.

Why Do Mastermind Groups Take You To A Higher Level

When you were in grade school all the way through your highest level of formal education, why do you think there were tests? Was it really to obtain the highest score so grades would be handed out by scores on tests?
Is it possible that a test date was implemented to create urgency and accountability onto the student so they would formulate the study habits necessary to score well?
Out in the real world, who brings you your accountability?
Mastermind Groups are where like minded individuals meet in person, on the phone or on the internet on a regular basis and share their stories, offer advice from personal experience to each other and create accountability to each other. Are you in a Mastermind Group or have you been in one? Tell us about your experience?