Do You Walk The Tight Rope Every Single Day?

tight-ropeAre you performing a high wire act each and every day?

Have you been to the circus before and watched the amazing people walk the tight rope or high wire way up in the air? How amazing are they to watch? One small lapse in concentration or one small step in the wrong direction and it is a long way down.

Are you walking the tight rope every single day?

How about you in your daily activities in your business, your family life, your community, your social life, your health and more. Do you comfortably move from one minute to the next knowing exactly what needs to be done and by when and have full confidence everything will be completed. Or are you walking that tight rope every single day trying to fit everything into a packed schedule and not really thinking you will get through everything, in fact, you are convinced you won’t.

Many of us think when people use the term work life balance that the statement means we all should strive to have an even balanced life. It does not mean that at all.  What it really means is we all have a balancing act to try to live in a world where we work, have a family, have a social life, volunteer and work in the community and more. We try to balance our lives so we do not fall off the tight rope we walk on each day!

“Breathe, breathe, clear your mind, breathe, breathe.”

That is what my yoga instructor and friend says each time we practice yoga in her class.

Sure we do our best to clear our minds. Seriously though there is so much to do. How is it humanly possible to shut down and not think about all of the things that we have to get done? “Just breathe, just breathe, close your eyes if you want, clear your mind. For this one hour concentrate on your breathing, just breathe.”

Imagine a room filled with mostly type A people hearing this in the morning when there is a smart phone (who ever named the dumb phone a smart anyway) waiting to steal more of our time away from us.

Truth be told, yoga has made all the difference to me. The ability to attend my yoga practice with my friend who is the instructor has given me the gift to find balance. The gift to breathe and breathe. The gift to completely shut down for one single hour.

Why do any of us feel we must walk a tight rope every single minute of every single day?  Why do we create this type of a situation for our selves? Tell me in the comments section.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


Is Your Business Success Based Upon A Balancing Act?

“Balance is For Ballerinas”
Heater Howell in Dallas, TX.

Are you trying to create balance in your life with your business?  Heather Howell the CEO of Rooibee Red Tea basically said recently in Dallas, Texas,

“Not so fast.”  “Balance is for Ballerinas.”

There is going to be give and take in your life, especially if you are running your own business. In today’s environment more than ever, when you run your own business you are ON 24/7, period, end of story. The concept of balance does not exist. The word does not fit into your vocabulary.

This is not to say you aren’t able to lead a great life. It does mean on the see-saw of business and life, the business side will always be the heavier side.

Now it is up to you, are you willing to just let everything happen and live in chaos every single day? You want to wake up inside of a blender on a Friday night at the bar of a Houlihan’s? Then live in there all day long, every single day? The way you minimize the hectic chaos is by planning.

One great misconception about goal setting and planning is that it is written in stone. This could not be further from the truth. From the very first day you set your goals down in writing and begin to plan your year out, your months out, and your weeks out, there are check points and revision dates built into the process. The road to success is not a straight line. The road to success is more like a zigzag. There are course corrections which need to be taken all of the time.

A key point is how long does it take for you to realize you need to course correct? And when you course correct, to what new course? This is where working with an expert coach or mentor is so valuable. The sooner you course correct the better. The more guided your new course selection is, the more likely the new course will be closer to the correct course. There is no need to try to figure out everything all alone. There are experts who have done this before who are available to help you.

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