Do You WOW!?

doyouwowDo you have the ability to WOW?!

Maybe you don’t want to WOW!

Or is it your own definition of what it means to WOW! might be off base?

Your potential clients, or customers, or people you want to join your community want and need to be WOW!ed.

There are plenty of people on this planet who are ready to do business with all of us. Select any major or mid-size market and there are more than enough customers for fitness trainers, bubble gum salesman or any other type of service business or product sales.  The big question each of us always has to face is what or how do we each differentiate ourselves from the other choices or options in order to be the one selected.  Agreed?

This is simple enough to understand.

My suggestion is not to trick, lie or overstate what you provide or what your product offers.  Instead tout the results.  What are the great results to be expected? Here is the tricky and skillful part.  In a room filled with people all sharing this same information – if everyone is screaming out this information – no one is heard.  What this means is if you are passing out this information the same way, in the same style, using the same tools as everyone else – then you are the same and you do not stand out.

No one is WOW!ed.

This means you have to find ways to WOW! people.  You want to create the WOW! for  the people who you want to become your clients and customers. Some type of experience or memorable way to be remembered for what you offer – your product or service.

For me there are various ways to accomplish some type of WOW! Here are a few examples:

Professional speaking at events, in companies and at non-profit gatherings is a great way to WOW!  An excellent speaker motivating, inspiring or sharing a story or two relevant to leadership or emotional intelligence in the workplace – people talk about you – people share their experience – repeat your stories.  Going out of my way to help out certain individuals in career transition who need some guidance or some coaching to help them find their way without expecting a fee or billing for the service.

Consider your business selling a product or a service – What is it you can do to WOW!?

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.