Fire up Your Business for Success

Imagine you are out for a night time walk and you come across a home with heavy white smoke blowing out of the chimney. As you walk closer you see the chimney is on fire at the very top and around the outside of the chimney.

Fortunately the homeowners were home and listened to the warnings and the urgency, put out the fire, closed up the fireplace flue and kept watch on their rooftop for a few hours.
They did not recall if they ever had their chimney cleaned. They also hadn’t looked up at the top of their chimney in a long time.

They just figured, well the nights are getting chilly; we have all of this great firewood and a fireplace, so let’s just light up a fire and get cozy.

Not so fast.

This applies to you if you are in business already as a small business owner or the CEO at a large organization, a start up first time entrepreneur or a serial entrepreneur, you must plan and be strategic in your business. Consider this, your business is one of your biggest bets you are going to make in your life. Are you not going to spend the time to plan and strategize? Are you seriously going to just jump in a canoe and go down the river and then realize you didn’t take an oar?

Chances are good that there was a nest built over time at the very top of the chimney. Since no one looked up the chimney or from the outside the nest was never noticed. Due to the fact a chimney cleaning had not been done for years, some of the nest parts may have dropped down into the chimney itself. All of these elements combined to make a dangerous situation, which if not for the concern and interest of an outside third party who was able to clearly see the danger developing and warn the homeowners of imminent disaster the results may have been severe.

Do you find yourself deeply engrossed in your business? Are you the ultimate decision maker? Everything must go through you? Is there a clear path for your fire to burn or is there something blocking your path to success? This is where an outside experienced set of eyes becomes so important. A person fully removed from your business to ask questions and probe about what you are doing and why you are doing it.

You have a big picture vision for your company. When you are caught up in the details you lose sight of what is really important. If you are ready for an experienced executive coach to work alongside you, to light a fire under your business and heat it up for success, contact Mitch Tublin today at