Read A Good Book Lately?

Business It is going to be the first day of summer in the USA this week. It is a great time to have a good reading list ready and to act upon it. Some people might say business slows down in the summer. This may or not be true for you. However, it is a wonderful time to relax a little, put your feet up and read a few books. Maybe you are like me and you enjoy the beach. You sit in a beach chair and the surf is providing a calming sound in the background. This is a perfect setting for reading a book or two.

You hear we all should be growing, pushing ourselves to learn new skills or to become aware of new resources we may utilize both within ourselves and outside of ourselves. What better time than right now to select a few books on topics of interest in paths we need to understand better. For example, if you wish to become a public speaker or a better public speaker, you might join toastmasters and obtain a few books written by experts on this topic. By joining toastmasters you will have the ability to practice your public speaking on a regular basis and obtain immediate feedback.

If you are  into electronic readers such as a kindle or a nook, most books are available for under $10. The expense of owning a book has been reduced tremendously especially in the electronic book category. If you prefer real books that you are able to hold and carry, there are a number of local and online options to purchase regular books.

You may find yourself at a loss for options of books to read. If this is the case you might go to and search on topics or authors and look through the returns on your search. You might go to my suggested reading titles which is emailed to my subscribers each month. The Sunday New York Times each week includes a section titles “Book Review”. In this section there are a variety of categories where top ten lists and much more are listed in addition to selected reviews.

Your action item right now is to obtain a few books and set up your calendar so that you have some time each day for reading a book or two.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced, certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.