What Lesson is The Occupy Wall Street Protest Teaching You About Business Success

Have you taken a trip to New York City and attended a Broadway Show?

There is a lot of marketing done for each show. There are numerous reviews by the critics. Many people in general will gladly offer their opinion, including any friends of yours who have seen a show on Broadway. The day arrives and you enter the theater to enjoy the show. Up until this exact point you have some level of expectation of what you are about to experience.

Let’s stop right here.

This is the stage you want to set for your potential customer or client. They have an idea of what to expect before having worked with you, or purchased a product from you. You want to set the bar high in your marketing. You must exceed this expectation every single time.

This is true regardless of what your business type is. Whether it is a service based, retail, or product sale type of business you must exceed the table you have set. The marketing message must be clear and focus on the results. Inside of the marketing there must be enough emotional pull to engage the potential customer or client. This all must be based upon and wrapped around the real experience and what will take place after the purchase.

Consider for a moment the movement, Occupy Wall Street. For the last few weeks there has been quite a bit of press, TV coverage, etc. Now there are other groups forming across the United States and in other countries. The problem? What exactly and specifically is the agenda? Other than to protest, are there solutions, transformations, or suggestions for changes to be implemented? At the present time (and in actual fact), no there are none.

This is unfortunate. Right now there are supporters sending money and goods such as clothes, food, etc. Unless a few people step forward into leadership positions and define the solutions they seek as a movement, what lasting change or purpose will be accomplished?

The point to take from this example is for you to think through your marketing plan. What are you seeking to achieve? Place yourself in the role of your client or consumer and play the – if this – then this – game with all of the options you are able to conjure up. All of your marketing should have a strategy and a plan behind it.

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