Build Your Network to Create Your Business on Your Terms

Imagine for a moment you are getting ready to go the beach. You are walking along a path carrying a beach towel, a chair, some snacks and cool beverages. You smell the salty air as you are getting closer. Once you arrive at the beach there is a long line, and you cannot figure out what is going on.

You walk by everyone in the line to see what is going on and there you are at the front of the line and you see; well you see what you cannot believe. The beach is just one grain of sand!

Now of course this is a dramatic exaggeration. The beach and the sand are one experience. The sand is made up of hundreds and thousands, no millions of grains of sand. There is so much sand we never even consider the one grain of sand. The beach supports our beach blankets, chairs, and sunbathers, and permits the ocean waves to come crashing in. No one grain of sand would be able to do this by itself.

In building your network, your tribe, as Seth Godin writes about in his book titled “Tribes”, is a group of people made up of individuals who all know who you are, what you stand for and what you do.

It is for you to determine how to best create your network, your tribe for you – social media, face to face networking, public speaking, writing books, other methods, or all of these or combinations of any of them with others.

The key is to care for the one person, for each person. They are not a single grain of sand. If it is your intent to build your network, your tribe, to be a large enough group who all really feel they know you, each person must be able to reach out and touch you or your virtual self enough to be tuned in this way. You must feed each and every person often enough with quality material. One single person will not make your network.

Every single person with every other single person together will make your network.

By paying attention to every single person with the knowledge you have of how important each and every person is, this awareness combined with your constant feeding of your network will permit you to create your business on your terms when the time is right.

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