Have a Blast for Business Success

blastWhat is the culture of your workplace? This is the same question for small business owners and larger business operations. It has been said by John C. Maxwell, the New York Times Best Selling Author and Leadership Guru, that culture beats strategy every time. Is your workplace a ‘check your smile and fun at the door’ type of place?

Recently it took me off guard during a visit to a relative start up company to hear some of the conversations about the office politics. One would assume due to the sheer massive size of Google or Facebook that these companies have taken on some of the poor cultural behavior of some other ‘old school’ business operations. The fact that a relative start up was creating political strife, silos and other dysfunctional behavior opened my eyes to certain issues.

The lack of leadership will always present itself in an organization. When leaders lead from the top and set a mindset and behavior for others to follow, these issues do not appear. If they should arise, others will rapidly step in and end the issues through teaching, facilitation of group meetings or other means, in order to set the proper tone.

There is a belief that organizations that are run by younger, more entrepreneurial types, are more in tune with the new generation of younger and more tech oriented workforce. This may not be true at all. Consider a seasoned professional who has raised a few children and has interacted with them and their friends for years all the way through and passed college into the work force. This professional, along with years of parenting may be many times more tuned into the new and younger generation than a single, ‘it is all about me’ CEO of a young high tech company.

Okay, now it has happened again, the flood gates have been opened! Who wrote the book that says everyone needs to be miserable at work?

“How’s it going today?”

“Oh, You know, same ol’ same ol’. How about you?”

“Yeah, another day, another dollar.”

How about lighting up some fireworks and make people smile at work (do not actually set off fireworks in your office, please). Yes, have a blast off meeting to start the day, one day a week. Get people smiling and looking forward to being at their job. There is no reason people cannot enjoy being productive.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

One of the Keys to Success in Business and Life

In the month of December there are aspects of the Holiday Season which will easily take over your focus and your concentration from your business growth. Instead your focus is towards gift giving, parties, family warmth, dinners, food, and family issues. There are a number of people who are upset with the marketing deluge and news media as they feel the religious aspects are minimized and this should be what everyone should really care about.

Wherever you stand on the above discussion, it is my belief you will agree that one item where most of us should spend some time on and we do not, is self reflection. Yes, the “Why am I?” and the “What am I?”questions. This may be described as – A good look in the mirror of your life.

  • Why do I do what I am doing?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What do I intend to achieve?

You may not spend a single minute of your year on this topic. If that is the case, at least this one time of year, you must. You must for your success in life, with your family and your business. The ability to self reflect and to self assess at least one time a month, is actually one of the keys to success in business and life.

This is not meant to be a beat yourself up session. Instead it is some quiet time for self reflection. You should have a notebook and a pen nearby so you may write down a few notes if the mood strikes. Not an electronic device. There is something special that happens between your brain, your eyes, your hand and writing, especially when it is about a subject such as this one.

Why do I do what I am doing? The big picture answers. Consider what it is that drives you. Why do you go to great lengths to overcome adversity? The grit and the willpower, the driving force to overcome any obstacle, will come from the answer to this question.

What is my purpose? To the best of your ability, if you are the CEO of a top company or a solopreneur who just started their company two years ago, you must connect to your purpose. You intend to do something with your life, describe it to yourself.

What do I intend to achieve? If you are now stuck and you do not know what to think, consider for a moment, as the CEO of a top company, maybe you wish to achieve teamwork; teams of people that are really effective both at your company, at home and in your community. You wish to be the one to create these teams that work.

The articles written here are meant to stir up something inside of you. They are not intended to become a book. This specific topic is one which deserves more discussion. Therefore it will become the first part of a new free report to be given away for free on www.thementorguy.com. Everyone who has been a regular subscriber or a new subscriber will be emailed the link for the new report.

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Persistence in Your Marketing Brings Success to Your Business

When you designed your last direct mail campaign, how many touches or pieces were sent out to the same person? Did you strategically time a few pieces to each person to create the intrigue and the familiarity necessary for success in a direct mail campaign, or any other marketing campaign for that matter?

Or did you create your direct mail program based solely on price points and assumed one mailing would suffice? Then afterwards the program wondered what went wrong and you either decided “Well, direct mail is so old school, it just doesn’t work any longer” OR
“The mailing list just wasn’t a good list, not out target market.”

This is not an article discussing the pros and cons of direct mail. The point is whatever method of marketing you are utilizing, the persistence, the use of the drip technique, has been proven time after time to work the best. You must have your name, your company name, your product or your service in front of people often.

Consider the persistence of Steve Jobs. He returned to revive Apple twice. One time he returned after being fired at 30 years old from the company that he founded! Think about the iPod. The engineers kept returning with a sleek design for an MP3 player. The controls always relied on buttons. Finally Steve Jobs said, “Look no buttons. Okay, no buttons, anywhere!” The iPod was born.

The idea is to create a persistent methodology for your marketing strategy. You might change the course of how it is delivered, just keep it coming. The only road to success in your business passes through the town of persistence.

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