Ways to Run a Successful Business All Year Long

Successful BusinessDo the seasons impact how you work or how your business functions?

Many businesses are impacted by seasonality in terms of the products they provide for sale. There are ways to even out seasonality for your business in the products for sale business, and the service provider business model.

If your business is a product for sale business you might consider one or all of these three options to even out your sales throughout the year:

1. If your specific product or product line is for a specific season, who are the customers who purchase your product? With this knowledge, what product would this same customer profile be interested in purchasing from you in the other seasons?

You should have your customer email addresses and possibly their mailing addresses. If you are not certain about their interests you might create an easy to respond to survey, to find out.

2. During the season when your typical product is not in demand, you might create a few unique marketing campaigns with incentives to create ‘off season’ purchases. Bundling your product with other products or packages during the off season would add even more interest to your marketing efforts.

3. Host a workshop or an event around your product line during the off season to assist your customers with learning more or adding value to them which would be in line with what you have for sale.

If you are in a service based business which is impacted by seasonality, for example a CPA firm comes to mind where tax preparation at certain times of the year is the crunch time and other times of the year are much slower, you might consider one or all of these three options to level out your business throughout the year:

1. Spend the time and effort to have all of your clients email address and mailing address. With their permission send a value added newsletter at least once a month to your clients. Create offers in your newsletter where your clients may be able to gain information from you on a regular basis in your area of expertise.

2.  Structure events or workshops with other service providers who your ideal client would have an interest in hearing from. These should always be scheduled during the slower time of the year for your service based business.

3.  Create an off season special, which you creatively market, that will begin the work with your clients, which will lessen the time constrained work during a busier time of the year.

These options listed are given to you not as a be all, know all, answer. It is to get you thinking how might this work for your business? You will likely find other options or add to these suggestions as best suits your specific situation.

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