One Down and Eleven to Go – There’s No Stopping You Now

The last day in January is today. You may know this, or be shocked to find out. It is amazing to me with the technology we all have at our finger tips, some of us are so engrossed by what we are doing we forget the date, the time and more. Maybe we even forget we need a plan, a vision and a strategy.

Let’s begin with the importance of the month of January. It is just a month with 31 days like six other months. The importance of January is derived from its positioning as the first month of the year.

  • What was your January like?
  • What were your business results for January?
  • How was your personal life in January?
  • Are you on track to meeting your goals in each of these areas?
  • Are you contributing to your community in some way?

At the most basic level, regardless of your position as a CEO of a large multi-national corporation or organization, the founder of a mid to small sized company, an entrepreneur running a great business or a person out of work seeking a new opportunity, to get to the next step you need a direction to step towards. Your vision, the vision you create for yourself and for your business, provides this direction to move towards.

In a larger organization the vision may be created by a team of key leaders. From the vision, you are able to define goals to attain for periods of time. Goals may be for this year, this month, this week or today. This part is not done at all, by more people than you think. In large organizations, they think they are doing this. In reality they are working on a financial plan, and only a financial plan. If the words are written for other strategies which may be true, their focus and energy is only on the financial plan.

Here is how to really rise up above the rest. Create a way to confirm at least one time a month that the vision is still the right vision. The plan is the right plan. The strategy is the right strategy, and the goals are the right goals. Create a weekly process where you are able to check if you and your team are still on course in everything you do.

If January’s results were great, and you add in these described methods, you will stay on course for a spectacular year.

If you see your January results and you are not pleased, recognize that there are eleven months to go in this year. Create the process discussed in this article, and you will rapidly find yourself back on a course for success this year.

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Marketing to a Few or to The Masses for Your Business Success

Try a little exercise as you look at the various types of marketing you are exposed to in a given period of time. A week would be a perfect time period.

What are the types of marketing examples you see which are speaking to the masses? How often do you see their message, and in what type of delivery methods?

In a similar way, view the marketing examples you see which are speaking to a narrow niche. Now consider your business and how you market.

Are you marketing to the masses, or do you market to a narrow niche?

How often do you hear someone describe their business at a networking event or to their ideal client by saying, “I work with anyone who has a pulse?” They may not say these exact words, but it is basically what all of us are hearing.

There is no doubt for certain business categories that having a wide audience and marketing to the masses is the best route. But for the majority of small business owners the ability to define a niche will permit your marketing to be more effective and affordable. In fact, for certain service business categories, where the price point for delivery is quite high, it is only necessary to secure a small number of new clients each month.

Once you are clear on your niche category, as you write your copy for your website, your ads, or anything you are working on, are you the only person testing and writing everything? Or do you have the ability to test the voice of your ideal client by seeking out a few proofreaders from your ideal client group. All of your marketing must be easily understood by your ideal client group.

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What Lesson is The Occupy Wall Street Protest Teaching You About Business Success

Have you taken a trip to New York City and attended a Broadway Show?

There is a lot of marketing done for each show. There are numerous reviews by the critics. Many people in general will gladly offer their opinion, including any friends of yours who have seen a show on Broadway. The day arrives and you enter the theater to enjoy the show. Up until this exact point you have some level of expectation of what you are about to experience.

Let’s stop right here.

This is the stage you want to set for your potential customer or client. They have an idea of what to expect before having worked with you, or purchased a product from you. You want to set the bar high in your marketing. You must exceed this expectation every single time.

This is true regardless of what your business type is. Whether it is a service based, retail, or product sale type of business you must exceed the table you have set. The marketing message must be clear and focus on the results. Inside of the marketing there must be enough emotional pull to engage the potential customer or client. This all must be based upon and wrapped around the real experience and what will take place after the purchase.

Consider for a moment the movement, Occupy Wall Street. For the last few weeks there has been quite a bit of press, TV coverage, etc. Now there are other groups forming across the United States and in other countries. The problem? What exactly and specifically is the agenda? Other than to protest, are there solutions, transformations, or suggestions for changes to be implemented? At the present time (and in actual fact), no there are none.

This is unfortunate. Right now there are supporters sending money and goods such as clothes, food, etc. Unless a few people step forward into leadership positions and define the solutions they seek as a movement, what lasting change or purpose will be accomplished?

The point to take from this example is for you to think through your marketing plan. What are you seeking to achieve? Place yourself in the role of your client or consumer and play the – if this – then this – game with all of the options you are able to conjure up. All of your marketing should have a strategy and a plan behind it.

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Persistence in Your Marketing Brings Success to Your Business

When you designed your last direct mail campaign, how many touches or pieces were sent out to the same person? Did you strategically time a few pieces to each person to create the intrigue and the familiarity necessary for success in a direct mail campaign, or any other marketing campaign for that matter?

Or did you create your direct mail program based solely on price points and assumed one mailing would suffice? Then afterwards the program wondered what went wrong and you either decided “Well, direct mail is so old school, it just doesn’t work any longer” OR
“The mailing list just wasn’t a good list, not out target market.”

This is not an article discussing the pros and cons of direct mail. The point is whatever method of marketing you are utilizing, the persistence, the use of the drip technique, has been proven time after time to work the best. You must have your name, your company name, your product or your service in front of people often.

Consider the persistence of Steve Jobs. He returned to revive Apple twice. One time he returned after being fired at 30 years old from the company that he founded! Think about the iPod. The engineers kept returning with a sleek design for an MP3 player. The controls always relied on buttons. Finally Steve Jobs said, “Look no buttons. Okay, no buttons, anywhere!” The iPod was born.

The idea is to create a persistent methodology for your marketing strategy. You might change the course of how it is delivered, just keep it coming. The only road to success in your business passes through the town of persistence.

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