When Do You Consider Yourself a Business Success?

When it comes to creating your successful business enterprise how will you know when you have achieved success? Where is the line drawn?

This may be one of the smartest reasons to hire your own coach or consultant and to develop your strategic plan for your business. Are you interested in dominating every aspect of your specific business category or carving a nice niche for yourself and becoming known as the expert in your field alongside a few other experts?

You may wish to step back and consider how some other folks view life before you decide.

It is possible some people are actually living their lives inside a reality show of their own crafting. They may have become so lost in their own reality show they do not recognize what the majority of society is dealing with on a daily basis. If you think it is not possible, read this article and return here for the rest of the story.

Maybe a private jet traffic jam seems normal or okay to you or you think this article is a joke or a prank. Here is the sad reality, this is really going on.

Here is a summary of a recent conversation at a lunch table during the ‘parents visit the campers’ weekend as told to me and others by a participant in the conversation.

“Daddy, can you just send the private jet to pick me up when camp is finished in three weeks?”
“We’ll see”
“Pleease, Daddy, you and Mom took it last night to get here?”
Daddy speaking now to another couple at the table: “So how is your daughter going home when camp is over?”
“She will be taking the camp bus with most of the other girls.”

Other conversation ensued during lunch, where another interesting fact arose. ‘Daddy’ had trailer delivered daughter’s horse so she would be able to ride her own horse during the two weeks of horse back riding. This was a nine hour drive.

Okay so where does the business aspect come into this absurd reality show?

Where is the line drawn? At what point are you just ‘taking’ too much and not giving back? And, oh by the way, what is the mindset of the child you are raising going to be like in twenty years?

One way to keep yourself grounded, authentic, and real is to create your vision and mission statement right in the beginning and starting stages of your business. This is where you may consider what, when, where and how much and to whom you will give back. Write in your statement why this is important to your vision and mission of your business. Determine where the line will be in terms of when you will begin to give back.

Check in often on your vision and mission statements to be certain they are still relevant as your business grows and takes slightly different directions.

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