Marketing to a Few or to The Masses for Your Business Success

Try a little exercise as you look at the various types of marketing you are exposed to in a given period of time. A week would be a perfect time period.

What are the types of marketing examples you see which are speaking to the masses? How often do you see their message, and in what type of delivery methods?

In a similar way, view the marketing examples you see which are speaking to a narrow niche. Now consider your business and how you market.

Are you marketing to the masses, or do you market to a narrow niche?

How often do you hear someone describe their business at a networking event or to their ideal client by saying, “I work with anyone who has a pulse?” They may not say these exact words, but it is basically what all of us are hearing.

There is no doubt for certain business categories that having a wide audience and marketing to the masses is the best route. But for the majority of small business owners the ability to define a niche will permit your marketing to be more effective and affordable. In fact, for certain service business categories, where the price point for delivery is quite high, it is only necessary to secure a small number of new clients each month.

Once you are clear on your niche category, as you write your copy for your website, your ads, or anything you are working on, are you the only person testing and writing everything? Or do you have the ability to test the voice of your ideal client by seeking out a few proofreaders from your ideal client group. All of your marketing must be easily understood by your ideal client group.

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