High Performance Habits to Create

High Performance Habits to CreateThere are a few times of the year when we see a considerably higher amount of articles on dieting, eating better meals, health consciousness and similar topics. The early part of the year in January and February are one of those times of the year.

For example there might be something such as this:

“Five Tips To Have Your Lost Weight Stay Lost”

TIP #1   –   Keep records of everything you put in your mouth to eat, everyday.

TIP #2   –   Have a consistent sleep schedule as this will help to maintain hormone and blood sugar levels.

TIP #3   –   Workout and Exercise to get your heart rate up every single day.

TIP #4   –   Plan your day in advance so you know when you will workout, when you will eat and what you will eat for meals and snacks.

TIP #5   –   Keep yourself organized as this one step will help you to maintain the weight loss you worked so hard to achieve.

Have you read any of these articles? The tips absolutely are helpful advice for keeping your weight off if that was your goal and you achieved it. It appears to me similar tips as listed would work well for success in your business as well.

This might look something like this:

  • TIP #1

    Ever wonder how some people get so much done each day? Write down every single thing you spend one minute or more on every single day. At the end of each week and each month review this item and the totals of where you are spending your time.
  • TIP #2 

    Each and every night strive to sleep a full six or seven hours or more if you need it. A full night’s rest will permit you to focus on what you need to accomplish each and every day. Try your best to have a set schedule of when you go to bed.
  • TIP #3 

    Every day either go out for a walk, swim or conduct some form of exercise. It is great for your body, and the increased heart rate and blood flow will be refreshing. You will return from this effort with a refreshed sense of ‘ready to go to work’.
  • TIP #4

    Plan your day. Eat properly throughout your day. Have a set schedule each and every day to avoid time consuming activities which were not on the schedule. It is critical to properly nourish yourself throughout the day in order to achieve peak performance all day long.
  • TIP #5 

    Have a method to your madness and get yourself organized and stay organized. This one item will save you more time and effort than any one single tip.

Hope you see the point. The right habits will carry you through everything in life.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Would You Use Ron Burgundy in Your Advertising Campaign

Are you tired of trying new ways to market your business or products? Are you starting to say, ah, these ideas never work! Or, it is ridiculous we spend so much time and money and nothing really ever works.

Maybe you feel that way sometimes, but you need to get over it and soon! Check out what has happened with these two concepts and their results and then let’s discuss. First there is the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. See the link provided if you need to refresh yourself.

Just about everyone knows the words and the tune for this song. There is a list of presents for each day of the song. The list grows as each of the twelve days passes by.

Some analysts decided a few years ago that this list of gift items would be a good measure of the economy. See the below link for more information on this subject.


Essentially they have taken a memorable and popular song which is heard often during the holiday season and tied it to measuring the economy.  This is reported annually on CNBC and the Wall Street Journal among other news sources.  It has become a measuring stick.

The second story is being called the Ron Burgundy effect. It is a reference to the character Will Ferrell plays in the hit movie “Anchorman”. He is seen in a commercial for the Dodge Durango.  See one or both links which explain in detail.



This comedic commercial by a fictional character has increased sales and demand for the Dodge Durango substantially.  In fact, it has taken the dealers and the manufacturer off guard in terms of the speed and the instantaneous demand response.  The one new thing was the release of the ad, they said, then everything spiked.

The point of this discussion is that a memorable tune or the words might be the exact messenger for your business or product.  Or a funny, silly, slapstick video or photo might do well.  The main point is not to say these will always work out for the best.  The real point is to never stop trying.  It is virtually a certainty that no one on the team who produced the Ron Burgundy ads had a clue they would evolve into the type of response which has taken place.

The key to marketing your business or product is first to always stay true to your values and second is to loosen up a bit and try new ways to grab the attention of the audience.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Marketing Messages for Business Success

Business SuccesHave you seen the so called “Business Success Tips” from people marketing their service?

“The Three Secret Steps to … whatever you need.”

“Easy ways to make millions…now.”

“The Fast Way to do… whatever you want to do.”

Are these types of lines seriously enticing enough for you to want to engage someone or their business and hear more or read more? Or would you rather someone be straight up with you and tell it like it is.

“Ready to End The Year With Success?”

“What You Do In These Next Sixty ( 60 ) Days Will Either Close Your Year Strongly And Set You Up For A Soaring Start Next Year”


“Same Old, Same Old, Keep Doing The Same Thing, Expecting Different Results.”

Which style is the one which interests you more? Me personally, it is tiring seeing the same style of ‘grabbing’ headlines that lead you into a maze of no real value words or audios that have only one sole intent that is separate you from your money.

The second set of headlines gets my attention. There is a statement and a promise of something we want. There is a defined timeline which gives me comfort that this is when there will be results, if not sooner. Now there is real interest from me for you to show me what you are speaking about. How do you feel about this?

When we are promised that there is a fast way to success or an easy way to achieve ridiculous amounts of money, don’t we intuitively know this is a bunch of nonsense? Who is it that is falling victim to this type of marketing? Not for me to judge on either side of this one. Don’t we just want to know, in a few sentences, why what someone is offering is special? Why working with someone or their company and utilizing their service or learning from them will be of value to me and my business?

The result of asking questions to the expert marketers is ‘well, hype headlines and wording works’. Then a handful of case studies are presented to prove their point. There are two sides to this marketing equation. There is what type of marketing interests you to explore a person or business further to see if what they are offering is of value to you and your business. Then there is the marketing that you and your business conducts in order to attract new clients and customers. These may not result in the same answer.

You and your company may not be your ideal client. This means the type of marketing you conduct may not appeal to your specific style or taste as it would not be designed to attract you. This being said, the marketing campaign you conduct does need to stay within your value system.

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