What Tools Are You Using To Create A Successful Business?

What do you do when you have the wrong tool for the job? For example, if you need to tighten a screw and you have a flathead screw driver, but the screw head has that ‘x’ which means you need the Phillips Head screw driver, do you just try to use the wrong screw driver, and then you find you stripped the head of the screw and now you have a larger problem?

Many business owners will invest their time, effort and money in a number of tools for their business before they actually have a written business plan, written business mission and goals. Isn’t this similar to purchasing tires for a car that you have not purchased yet, and you are not even certain what type of car you will be buying?

This is not to say that tools to work with, to build a successful business, are not important. What is critical is that the right tools are being utilized the right way, and for the right purpose.

For Example: Is it more important to have an email list of 30,000 names or to have an email list size of 3,000 names, which are all raving fans of your business and have bought products or services from you before or are current customers? The answer to this question may be different depending upon the business direction and ultimate goals for the business.

Another example to consider is the use of social media such as facebook or twitter in the successful marketing of our businesses. These are tools to be utilized for a purpose. The purpose is to build relationships. The foundational elements of marketing are not new. There are fundamental business practices. There are fundamental marketing practices. These do evolve over time. They cross over to all types of business and marketing. The tools which are utilized and how they are utilized is what changes depending upon the type of business or the type of marketing required.

We should always begin with the business objectives in mind. What is the ultimate mission and vision for the business? A tremendous amount of time, effort and money will be saved by thinking in this manner instead of obtaining and using tools by not taking this into consideration.

In summary, the assessment of business objectives and the timeline to achieve them must be in the front of decisions on purchasing and utilizing tools, to be utilized by the business.

Mitch Tublin will show you the way to creating your business mission, vision, and objective statements. Do you have them already? Mitch will show you how to update and create your revised versions for your business growth, info@thementorguy.com.