What Time Is Check In Time?

check-inAnyone who travels much knows there is a check-in time for your flight or at the hotel where you have your reservation. In fact, for your hotel, it is right there on the confirmation statement which is on your mobile device or printed copy. You might ask yourself, “why is this necessary, I am here now, can’t I just check-in?” The reason is turnover or turnaround time.

When guests are departing they need to be allowed enough time to conduct their personal business of showering, eating their breakfast and packing up their belongings.  Then the hotel cleaning crew and the mini-bar accountants have to conduct their business. If there are any items in need of maintenance or repair these need to be taken care of as well.

It may seem odd, however, there are a good number of people who do not understand or recognize any of this as legitimate. Is it any wonder then that there are a majority of people who do not check-in with their business vision, mission and goals or their personal vision, mission and goals either?

At a minimum, a check-in should be conducted every three months, a quarterly process. A more progressive business would check in at least monthly. For the business, the leadership team should meet for half a day or an entire day, and review the current vision, mission and goals statement and check-in to see if these are still a reality or not.  Where is there a disconnect? Do changes need to be considered? Where are things running right in line with these statements? What are the reasons in each case for either the disconnect or the right in line activities or behavior?

Action steps with dates and names must be agreed to prior to the end of the meeting. A personal check-in optimally is a weekly activity. For example, every Sunday evening might be a great time to review and assess what you have planned in your own vision, mission and goals statements and then compare this to the reality.  What is going right and why? What is going wrong and why? Are these statements of your personal vision, mission and goals the right ones for you personally? Plan out action steps with time frames in order to make adjustments as necessary.

The goal of creating vision statements, mission statements and written goals is not to just have them. The goal is to live them. One of the ways to accomplish this is to check-in as often as necessary and analyze the reality.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Success Secrets to Let Your Business Be All That It Can Become

Success SecretsEveryone wants to know the secrets to building a successful business. The secrets are not really complex. You just need to implement them. In essence, a little more work than to rub Aladdin’s Lamp. The importance and the need to have a clear business vision, mission and plan cannot be stressed enough. Then again, it is a useless exercise! It is worthless to spend the time and the effort to create these!

Yes, you read that correctly. It is useless if all you do is create a mission, a vision, and a plan, and never review them on a regular basis to ascertain if they are still relevant. It is not worth the time and effort if you do not regularly measure where the business is against where your expectations are, according to these items.

Now you are creating a valuable method of moving your business toward achieving success. For Example, let’s look at Borders Books. They took their eyes off their Business and their customers wants and needs. They did not even recognize the real threat, Amazon, until too late. They were too busy looking at what other businesses were doing, like rewards programs, and not their own business and direction for bottom-line results.

This is not to say you should not watch what your competition does or what other businesses are doing. What is being said is that you do not need to copy what is being done. You must focus on your vision, mission and plan. You must measure and track and revisit and make adjustments as needed.

A business of any size should have a process in place in order to obtain these metrics. There are times when the largest of corporations have created such a nightmare of numbers, the ability to readily and easily know where you are and what direction you need to take is lost in the jumbled mess. It is time to break it down and simplify. If the most senior people are not able to explain in five or ten minutes with a pencil and a napkin where you are and where you are going, you have made your business too complicated. If that is true for the large corporations, it is even more so for a small to medium sized business.

You might not like to read this, yet it is a fact. There are about a half dozen numbers which should tell the facts about what your business has been doing, and what the future holds. Know these and make the adjustments necessary to stay on track or to get back on track.

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One Down and Eleven to Go – There’s No Stopping You Now

The last day in January is today. You may know this, or be shocked to find out. It is amazing to me with the technology we all have at our finger tips, some of us are so engrossed by what we are doing we forget the date, the time and more. Maybe we even forget we need a plan, a vision and a strategy.

Let’s begin with the importance of the month of January. It is just a month with 31 days like six other months. The importance of January is derived from its positioning as the first month of the year.

  • What was your January like?
  • What were your business results for January?
  • How was your personal life in January?
  • Are you on track to meeting your goals in each of these areas?
  • Are you contributing to your community in some way?

At the most basic level, regardless of your position as a CEO of a large multi-national corporation or organization, the founder of a mid to small sized company, an entrepreneur running a great business or a person out of work seeking a new opportunity, to get to the next step you need a direction to step towards. Your vision, the vision you create for yourself and for your business, provides this direction to move towards.

In a larger organization the vision may be created by a team of key leaders. From the vision, you are able to define goals to attain for periods of time. Goals may be for this year, this month, this week or today. This part is not done at all, by more people than you think. In large organizations, they think they are doing this. In reality they are working on a financial plan, and only a financial plan. If the words are written for other strategies which may be true, their focus and energy is only on the financial plan.

Here is how to really rise up above the rest. Create a way to confirm at least one time a month that the vision is still the right vision. The plan is the right plan. The strategy is the right strategy, and the goals are the right goals. Create a weekly process where you are able to check if you and your team are still on course in everything you do.

If January’s results were great, and you add in these described methods, you will stay on course for a spectacular year.

If you see your January results and you are not pleased, recognize that there are eleven months to go in this year. Create the process discussed in this article, and you will rapidly find yourself back on a course for success this year.

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When Do You Consider Yourself a Business Success?

When it comes to creating your successful business enterprise how will you know when you have achieved success? Where is the line drawn?

This may be one of the smartest reasons to hire your own coach or consultant and to develop your strategic plan for your business. Are you interested in dominating every aspect of your specific business category or carving a nice niche for yourself and becoming known as the expert in your field alongside a few other experts?

You may wish to step back and consider how some other folks view life before you decide.

It is possible some people are actually living their lives inside a reality show of their own crafting. They may have become so lost in their own reality show they do not recognize what the majority of society is dealing with on a daily basis. If you think it is not possible, read this article and return here for the rest of the story.

Maybe a private jet traffic jam seems normal or okay to you or you think this article is a joke or a prank. Here is the sad reality, this is really going on.

Here is a summary of a recent conversation at a lunch table during the ‘parents visit the campers’ weekend as told to me and others by a participant in the conversation.

“Daddy, can you just send the private jet to pick me up when camp is finished in three weeks?”
“We’ll see”
“Pleease, Daddy, you and Mom took it last night to get here?”
Daddy speaking now to another couple at the table: “So how is your daughter going home when camp is over?”
“She will be taking the camp bus with most of the other girls.”

Other conversation ensued during lunch, where another interesting fact arose. ‘Daddy’ had trailer delivered daughter’s horse so she would be able to ride her own horse during the two weeks of horse back riding. This was a nine hour drive.

Okay so where does the business aspect come into this absurd reality show?

Where is the line drawn? At what point are you just ‘taking’ too much and not giving back? And, oh by the way, what is the mindset of the child you are raising going to be like in twenty years?

One way to keep yourself grounded, authentic, and real is to create your vision and mission statement right in the beginning and starting stages of your business. This is where you may consider what, when, where and how much and to whom you will give back. Write in your statement why this is important to your vision and mission of your business. Determine where the line will be in terms of when you will begin to give back.

Check in often on your vision and mission statements to be certain they are still relevant as your business grows and takes slightly different directions.

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