The Changes Brought By A Piece Of Glass

iPhoneA piece of glass that weighs a few ounces how much of an impact or change could this possibly bring to our lives?

Who would have imagined ten to fifteen years ago how much we all feel our piece of glass, our cell phone, must be in our hand, pocket or purse all of the time. Who would have said they have the ability and desire to buy this 3 inch by 5 inch item for hundreds of dollars and to agree to pay a monthly fee to use the device for years to come?

The cell phone has changed our lives. How we are always looking at text messages and responding with our own. Similarly with social media, emails, a variety of apps and more.

It is the expectation we will respond to a message at any time of the day or night.

On a more positive note we are able to obtain directions from a voice once we place our intended destination into the phone and ask for the directions live. Have access at our fingertips to music, photos, reading material, answers to questions and more.

If we want to go to see a movie we are able to check and see where it is playing, the show times, directions and possibly download a discount coupon right on the face of the phone.

Let’s not get hung up on the type, brand or style. Android or iPhone or other. At the end of the day the ability to communicate utilizing the device overall has impacted our lives.

What ways has your cell phone changed your life? Better or worse note your experience in comments area below.

The idea comes to mind from this discussion – in what way does your business impact the lives of people? Do you have an added value which you would be able to clearly state which is a value add which potentially changes the life of your client? This may be a product or a service. Take a moment and note this in the comments section.

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Are You Texting While Driving?

texting-while-drivingAre you texting while driving? Seriously let me know in the comments area. This is one of the most current behaviors in distracted driving which is the cause of numerous accidents and in some cases death from accidents with cars, trucks, bicycles, taxis, buses and pedestrians.

It seems as if everyone feels they must see the messages on their cell phones as soon as these messages are posted. Then to make matters worse they are responding to the messages while driving!

No one questions the fact that this behavior is a distraction, however, the behavior still persists.

If we may all agree that the behavior of texting while conducting another activity is in fact a distraction – how about in your relationship and at work – would texting while involved in a conversation at home or texting while at work be considered a distraction?

You must have seen a couple out for an evening together sitting across from each other at the table.  Instead of looking into each others eyes and having a conversation they are sitting across from each other and looking at their cell phones! For the entire meal from the initial ordering process all the way through their dessert the blue light from their cell phones was reflected off of their faces.

Have you attended a meeting where a person or two or more were looking under the edge of the table and looking at their cell phones and texting during the meeting? Why were they even attending this meeting if the texting was more important to them than the topic being discussed at the meeting?

Do you have the feeling when on the phone with someone discussing business that the person on the other end of the conversation is either on social media, reading or writing email or texting? They keep asking you to repeat what you had said or asked them.

You ask a question and then wait and there is nothing for a full minute. Then the question comes, “Were you saying something? I thought we were disconnected?”

Where do you fall on this topic? Is it more important to be engaged with the people you are physically present with and have a conversation?

When you attend a meeting in person with people who are present and in person should anyone be in the meeting and texting? Take a moment and select one or more of these questions and respond in the comments area with your own thoughts or experiences on this topic. Depending upon your answers maybe the next article should be texted to your cell phone.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.