Are You Working Hard, Hardly Working or Same Old, Same Old

Recently I was in a corporate setting for a few hours a day for a few days in a row consulting by conducting leadership training for a group of executives and managers. There were various moments where I passed people in the hallways, or were near people in the elevators or the coffee area or rest rooms. A common greeting for a number of people at the workplace I heard was
“How Are Things With You?”
“Okay, Working Hard, You?”
“Yes, more like hardly working” or
“You know Same Old, Same Old”
Now you recognize as I did these are not the C-Suite folks having these conversations. Corporate Level Executives have their own methods of greeting each other. A topic for another day.
Isn’t it great as an entrepreneur, a small business owner or a solo-preneur we are not even remotely thinking this way? Right?
Here is my question for you – do you feel you are working too hard? Do you actually view how you work as hard? Or are you working effectively and efficiently? Do you identify the areas which you should not be spending your time and effort on and seeking to find the right person to perform these tasks and activities for you? Are you creating systems to leverage your repeatable activities?
If you were in a corporate position before isn’t it great to never think about the clock moving or hardly working due to a slow down? You may have even felt you were just putting in your time to collect your check and your health insurance coverage. Is this what you were meant to do with your life? What is your purpose and meaningful contribution to society?
We as entrepreneurs, small business owners, solo-preneurs owe it to ourselves and our business to take action, to grow, to continue to learn, to work with mentors, coaches and people who will challenge us to excel. Keep us fresh. Participate in Mastermind Groups to be with peers and hear from them how they are working and conducting their business and solving tough issues that arise.
If you are in a rut and feeling the blues, find someone who works in a corporate office and have them give you a tour. This may be all it takes to help you snap out it!
Are you in a corporate role now and you identify with what is being said here? There is an entire universe you may want to become a part of now and you may want to get in touch with me.