What is Your Level of Commitment?

CommitmentIf you are in the start up mode or early in running your own business, are you fully committed? A few examples would be as a professional service provider are you prepared to be there early or on time every time for every appointment with a paying client, a prospect, a referral or anyone you have an appointment with? Your reputation and brand are on the line every single time. Another example might be the retail store which is scheduled to open every weekday from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM and weekends from10:00 AM until 9:00 PM. Are you prepared to be there to open the store early every single day until you hire the right person to conduct this activity in your place as part of their role?

In either case above if you have recently left a corporate position, and are now running your own business, it might be a shock to you if you are sick or not feeling well, there are no sick days to utilize. They do not exist. You are now the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.

Numerous studies repeatedly reflect a divorce rate plus or minus a few percentage points of over fifty percent. You might think this has nothing to do with owning or running your own business. It is my view that it has everything to do with owning or running your own business. It boils down to what is your level of commitment?

No one is going to roll out the red carpet for your paying clients and customers to waltz over to you and run their credit card or otherwise hand you their money. There will be rough patches, difficulties and numerous challenges. How will you handle these?

One way is to work with a trusted advisor. This person may be a business consultant or a coach. The key is, they are there to support you when you are down, challenge you in your thinking and never just tell you exactly what you want to hear or how great you are and everything will be just fine. Through powerful and skilled questioning you work together and engage. You both focus solely on you and your business and your life.

No distractions.  This is how you become the CEO of your business. Build your team one person at a time. Begin with a great support network. Stay committed.

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.

Where Do You Measure Up On Commitment?

commitmentWhen running our own business we have to set priorities. Let’s assume we all buy into that statement. If not, leave a comment and the article on that topic will be sent out, and quickly. The point of bringing up priorities is commitment. When we each make a commitment to either do something, or be somewhere, or meet with someone, or follow up on one item or another – do we always follow up on our commitment and do it?

Let’s explore a bit deeper into this topic when someone does not follow through on their commitment.

First – we have all had this happen, someone says to us, “Of course I would be happy to…”   Whatever the rest of the sentence is you fill in the blank.  For  example it might be anything such as: “…introduce you to the CEO over at…” OR “…yes I am a member there and will absolutely invite you to one of our gatherings…” Then what takes place is nothing. You might even follow up with the person. You might even meet with them or see them again at a networking event. Yet sadly, nothing is mentioned regarding the previously stated commitment.

Second – have we made an error in assuming we had built a relationship with someone? The relationship building must come first. This takes place through interaction, communication and sharing some time with each other. A relationship will absolutely be created faster with in person contact and communication and take longer when the contact is over the phone or through the use of texting or the internet.

Third – did we participate in creating a feeling within the other person that they were being backed into a corner to make an offer and really did not have any intention of following through. They just wanted us to go away? “How do I get out of this?” They are thinking to themselves.

Fourth – if we were the person in the previous situation – have we ever made a commitment and then not followed through? Why did we do that?

In summary, a commitment should only be made when we are prepared to follow through. Period. End of story. If you put something out there take care of it.  If not then keep your mouth shut.

If you are seeking favor from someone and you do not have the relationship built with them yet, focus on building the relationship first. Build the relationship in full authenticity not because all along you know at some point you are going to ask for a favor.  This is not at all what is being suggested. The point is do not ask for favor when it is based upon nothing other than you asking and your hope the person is in a charitable mood. What this does is you are viewed as a charity case and more often than not if the commitment is made and they have not read this article you will never hear from them again anyway!

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.