Values or Money Which Means More To You?

values-or-moneyThe other day it was cool enough outside to create a need for the heat to turn on in the house. The thing is there was a problem. We could tell something was not right, so we hit the emergency kill switch. Now when the technician comes into your house and starts poking around do you really have a clue what they are doing, looking at or what the end result will be?

When working with a client you see the solutions. You see the answers. The coaching process demands that the coach does not ‘tell’ the client what to do. The client must ‘discover’ their own answers from within. This is for meaningful growth and change to take place. Is this how you practice your coaching?

There are coaches who often step in and step out. This means they are requesting permission or stating, “May I take my coaching hat off for a moment?” Then they proceed to offer their client opinions, directions and statements of direction, none of which are part of the practice of coaching an individual. Does this describe your method of coaching?

Feel free to state your views and practices in the comments area.

The point of this article is if we are to add value to others we should want that value to stick. While we are there for our client we cannot force a client to change, to grow, or to act. A client must want to do these themselves with our support and guidance as professional coaches. Anything less is to cheat the client of the opportunity for true change, true growth, and taking real action.

Consider for a moment the consultant who works on a project for an hourly rate.

Is there an incentive to add value and provide solutions to the client or to continue to ensure there are more hours to bill to the client? The consultant who instead bills by the result and the solution will be paid in full as the result and the solution are worth the fee paid. The time it takes is not material to the conversation. It should not matter if the result and the solution takes one day or six months.

In a similar fashion a coach who designs their practice to where the coach becomes the crutch and the client always needs to use the crutch is setting themselves up for more hours to bill than to provide the client with true value.

It is when this is done by design the question is – values or money which means more to you?

Mitch Tublin is an advanced certified executive and personal coach who resides in Stamford, CT.


Success in 2011 Will Be Determined By Your Planning and Goal Setting For Your 2011 Success

Business Strategy Consultant, Mitch Tublin, wishes you and yours a

Happy New Year!

Business Planning and Goal Setting 2011You have all of your planning and goal setting completed and ready to go by now for the New Year, right?  Ask any person who is successful or read about them.  Every single one of them had a plan to follow.  They had goals to meet, strive for and achieve.  What about you?

Mitch, this is so boring, it is not exciting!  Sorry about that!  It is absolutely critical to do,  so how do we make this process more interesting?

Here is one example for you to have some fun with your planning and goal setting. 

Go to and buy a big white pad of blank sheets like the type you use for a presentation, buy some markers or crayons and buy some sticky notes of different colors like those made by now take all of this great fun stuff and lock yourself in a room for one hour.

This is okay to do if you are a work at home business owner or a CEO of your own software company.  We are all people!  What, you tell me, you were never 6 years old once!  Chill out and work with me here.  Bring in a glass of wine if you want to.

Now this is an example, so feel free to use a method that works for you.

Use a black marker and label the top page of one sheet BUSINESS STRATEGY BIG PICTURE.  Now Label another sheet short term goals.  Now label a sheet family, community, friends and giving.

Select a new color and begin on the last page.  List everything you want to do with your family, in your community and for charity this year.

You see this is why you do what you do isn’t it?

Now select another color and list in order the main items near term you need to achieve in your business.  For example: build a list or make money.

List five items in their order of priority.

It is time for a new color.  Business Strategy Big Picture is our next item.  Take a deep breath and dive in.  What drives you to do what you do?  What are your ideas? Just let it go!  Write down your big dreams.

Fill up the page.

So you tell me. Was this so painful?  You now have the initial foundation for creating your plans and goal setting activities for 2011.

If you are ready to create your rock solid plans and goals for 2011 with a business strategy consultant working right beside you, click on the box to the right and begin with an initial strategic business breakthrough session with Mitch Tublin.

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